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  • Return of the crate

    When I was a little girl (early 90's) my family had a great dane sized crate that we used for all of our min pins. i still remember crawling in there to play with the dogs but after awhile we no longer crated them and it was broken down and stored in the backyard shed. Many years later during a spring cleaning we re discovered the crate and gave it to a friend who rehabs animals. we figured it could come in handy for her. She used it for awhile as needed and then it sat in her yard for a few more years. Then today I went over to her place and after a while of hanging out i saw the crate sitting outside. I told her stories of me playing in it as a kid with the dogs etc. Then she mentioned how she no longer uses it (she has many crates) and offered it back to me for Xena. so heck ya! i was so happy today when i was cleaning it off. it is stainless steel and you'd have no idea that it is as OLD as it is and spent so much time outside or stored. I love the fact that Xena is in the same exact crate I played in as a little girl! I have her orthopedic bed in it and it's in our living room. she is laying in it right now with the door open. she totally likes it. i took a few pics of her laying in it, but haven't uploaded them yet... i'll get on that soon lol
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    My son who is now over 30 used to go into our male dane's crate when I was being a "bad mommy" ie not letting him do what he wanted....I put a photo album together for his wife when they married of him from birth to high school graduation and it included pics of him sleeping in a crate with Brute, dressed up for halloween with danes in matching ninja outfits, great danes on the sidelines when he played soccer and football...we thought about having Flynn be the ring bearer at his wedding but the logistics of Flynn and a hot summer outdoor wedding and 2 other weddings at the same venue did not work out....although we did get him a white silk bow tie and took pics of Mando and Flynn together on Mando's wedding day.
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