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Diesels 2nd Physical Therapy Session

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  • Diesels 2nd Physical Therapy Session

    The PT tech was really impressed with Diesel today. He did great in the aquatic treadmill, they upped the speed and he was pacing with his feet correctly so she felt he really has hope and has shown improvement since his first time. Today we did PT with a wobbly board and he had great with keeping his back legs firm .I still don't like when then do the electric stimulation but I know he needs it, he handles it better than I do. It is really amazing what PT does to improve his mobility. Tonight he is not nearly as tired as he was last Thursday and still had energy to work with his new trainer!

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    Have you ever felt the electrical stimulation yourself? It doesn't hurt, I promise! I did it to myself for my own therapy for a long time! I also do it to my patients It is tingles and some of my patients say it feels like bugs crawling on their sking (yuck! I am glad it didn't feel like that to me!) but it honestly doesn't hurt. Please don't feel bad about using it as part of his therapy, it is an amazing modality that can really bring him a long way

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      I agree, didnt hurt me at all, just tingles.
      Glad hes.making improvements!
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        So glad the PT is helping him! Hope he continues to improve.
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          I had electric stim done as well and it felt great....kind of like waves of warm water.

          So glad he is doing well


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            Glad to hear that he is responding to his therapies. Keep up the good work!
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              Great news. You are such a wonderful owner Thanks for the updates.

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                Glad he is doing well- those water treadmills are really great for working on correcting gait. The E-stim will also be really good for him. I have both done it and had it done on myself ( on a groin tear from a fall off a horse) and it was more of a tingle feeling and not pain.
                So happy he is doing better!


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                  I am so glad he is getting the help he need. Thank for the update.