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the dane train is chuggin' along!

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  • the dane train is chuggin' along!

    dodger is on the second leg of his trip to his forever home! they tell me he rides great in the car, no crate needed. looks like he's enjoying a nap!

    i will be leaving in about 45 minutes. it'll take me about 90 minutes to get to my destination, pier marquette state park in grafton, illinois. i will pick the little guy up and head back home.

    lynn...if i don't get the vacuuming done before you get here, will you ever forgive me??

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    So we can expect pictures before dinner?????

    I can't WAIT! Drive safe and give him a hug for me
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      if everything is running on time, i expect to be home between 3:30 and 4:00. my s-i-l's sister is here from alaska, she is a dog trainer. when i get back, i will hand dodger over to her and have her walk him up here from the other end of the farm. i'll let my dogs out when i see them coming so they can all meet in wide open spaces. i don't expect any trouble from my crew, they are used to having dogs visit although this will be the first time they've had such a young pup around. PLAY TIME!!!

      pictures will follow after i catch my breath!


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        Oh sweet puppy kisses!!!
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          Oh my, I have missed so he YOURS??????? He is one handsome pup!

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            Originally posted by MillyVanilly View Post
            Oh my, I have missed so he YOURS??????? He is one handsome pup!
            Jeanne, check out the thread below:


            It will catch you up to speed

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            <3 My heart breaks for my lost Dane babies <3


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              Charlene called me about an hour ago when she first picked him up. She said and I quote: "Oh My gosh Lynn! He is so stinkin cute I don't think I will be able to let him go home with you!" She also mentioned he has ears to die for and that she hadn't seen one as young as he is.

              He settled right down in her van and was snoozing in minutes.

              I am SO EXCITED!!! and can't wait to get down to Charlene's this evening. If Lynz hadn't had to work today, we would have been there waiting when Charlene gets home.

              Psssst Charlene: I won't notice if the carpet has been vacuumed or not! I have 3 big rugs in my house simply because I hate to vac and the Labs left puppy sized hairballs all over at least 6 months a year.
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                Ahhh! Ximmy will have a baby Kaiser to play with! I'm jealous! I have a puppy!! Why must I still have this awful puppy fever?


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                  Hey Charlene," Matchmaker , Matchmaker find me a match."

                  I wish but I am now in a no dog allow place.


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                    wow, and dumped in traffic!!

                    he is so cute can't wait to see/read how him and ximmy do together
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                      Oh so much fun! I bet you are counting the seconds until he's in your arms. I know how antsy I was waiting for gunther's flight...........and then it was delayed!

                      Can't wait to hear all about him and see some more pix *hint hint*

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                        So exciting! We need more pix!
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