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He is NOT a lab.

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    Monty is a beautiful boy, and you siggy pic shows a lot of dane in his face IMO. Don't let people's comments get to you. Even if you had a "real dane" no one would believe he was anyway

    My favorite stupid comment is from my next door neighbor, who is one of those snotty know it all types. I invited her (and family +crabby senior yellow lab) over to meet Reich when we brought him home, just so they were aware we got a dog (we live in a rural area) and her lab would not upset by a new canine neighbor. Reich was tiny at just 8 weeks old, compared to her obese lab (who was growling and baring teeth at sweet little Reich), and the woman said Reich must be a lab mix. "He isn't very big", she states. I remind her he is 8 weeks old. "Well, he doesn't look like any Great Dane I have ever seen. humph", she says. I ignore her and focus on the conversation between our husbands. Finally she inturrupts with a loud voice (obviously trying to point out her superior observation that he is a mix), "I've never even seen a black Great Dane before"!!! Conversation stops to dead quiet as we all stare at her,... her husband finally says, "They used to have one"!
    She retorts, "well other then Harley (our previous ginormous black dane), I've never seen another black Dane". I respond that I guess that makes me the lucky owner of the only two black danes in existance. DUH!!

    Cut to 6 months later when we see her the next time, and Reich is 32" and 145 pounds and her lab is terrified of him. "How do you like my lab NOW, B*****"????

    It's even sweeter because her so called 'perfectly trained hunting dog' barks obnoxiously at us non-stop when Reich is outside, and my baby never makes a sound in return.
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      Well Dane-T has not got to go many places since she is still getting her shots but to the places she has gone everyone asks me if she is a Catahoula (she is a merle). EVEN AT THE VET (Luckily it was by not her actual doctor). Then I correct them and the next thing they tell me is "Oh she is going to get big, REALLY BIG". Sometimes I just want to say "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I thought she was going to fit in my purse". I know its only going to get worse so I'm sure I will say some smart mouth comment at some point


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        What's ironic is that although we think the "he's going to get big" comments are redundant and stupid, one of the most common reasons Danes are surrendered to rescue is because the owners didn't realize how big the dog was going to get. Stupid, I know, but true all the same.
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          I had a woman at the vet say...why would you want a dog that big. Really?

          Ok, why would you want a CAT (she had a cat...not that I hate cats although I am a dg person) you can't even pet them when you want to. Wish I would have said that...I just said, Danes are a special breed and not for everyone. Meaning, clearly you are not special enough to have one I still think her comment was mean and completely uncalled for, it's something normal people might think but wouldn't say in public
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            We constantly get the Weim comments and when we say, "no, he's a dane." they then say that he must be only 2 or 3 weeks old..... yuck yuck
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              Barron's color, being a merlequin, always throw people off too. I've had people INSIST that he is a mix cause he is "too small" to be a dane. It shuts them up when I tell them that he is barely 6 months old.

              Only once, we were walking down the street and I heard a lady on her porch shout to her husband about the adorable great dane puppy. Made me so happy to hear someone got it right I wanted to high five her.
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                Only once, we were walking down the street and I heard a lady on her porch shout to her husband about the adorable great dane puppy. Made me so happy to hear someone got it right I wanted to high five her.
                I feel the same way when someone gets my rat terriers right. They are CONSTANTLY getting mistaken for min pins or chihuahuas. I can almost count on one hand the number of people who actually has gotten their breed right.

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                  Everyone keeps asking me if Zelda is a catahoula.


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                    Originally posted by tself View Post
                    Everyone keeps asking me if Zelda is a catahoula.

                    Maybe it's a Texas thing????


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                      Oh boy ... I ALWAYS heard the lab comments!

                      I almost got into it with some lady in PetSmart one night when she told me that Hoss was a lab and I didn't know what I was talking about. I told her No, his mom is a dane and his dad is a mastiff. I know them and they are in no way labs. SHE got angry with ME and said I was wrong.

                      As they get taller, it gets less and less, BUT you'll still have those morons who know more than you about your dog. It still drives me bonkers, but what can you do! LOL

                      Have fun with it! Tell them ... well, no, he isn't a lab, BUT he is half dane and half chihuahua!
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