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    Since we are on the cusp of buying a farm in Missouri, I am loving all of your stories. Please, keep them coming! I really hope that my dogs are great with the other animals and can help me out in the barn. We are considering two properties, but our favorite has two large pastures in the front, and one in the back, as well as the large fenced in dog area. I am hoping that the dogs can play in the one pasture while I tend to the animals in the other. The initial thought going into this was that we would get some chickens and a couple of goats. It has now turned into the possibility of a horse and more goats to keep the pastures down. Yes, hubby agreed to it for the very reason of keeping the pastures down, lol!! I am so excited!!!!
    Chris, Wife to Dave, and Mom three human teenagers.
    Also mom to Tori (11 yo Lab), , Ayla (2 yo brindle dane), Milo (2 yo boxer), Killian (4 week old iw pup who is still with his breeder and mommy) 3 kittens, 2 horses, multiple reptiles, 7 fainting goats, 25 chickens, and 2 pot bellied pigs, all of whom make life great!
    RIP CARLIE 2/09-2/11 & REILLY 10/4/08-11/20/12, best friends together forever now.