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  • "Rescue" rant

    This story is long so I'll just give the bare bones. Three weeks (+/-)ago my friend was mowing her lawn and a female Pit Bull ran up to her. No collar, raw ears from flies, extremely submissive. She called me and we spent a few hours trying to locate the owner with no luck. Dog isn't microchipped. My friend tried to keep the dog at her house while the rescue we contacted tried to find a foster home, but she has 3 old female dogs and things were getting bad quickly. She convinced another friend to foster the dog until a place opened up with the rescue. Fast forward 3 weeks and this dog still has not been to the vet. The woman who runs the rescue gave her a 7way vaccine, but the dog hasn't been fecal checked, HW tested, wormed, rabies.......The dog(Panda)had an odd scar on her belly that the rescue decided was a spay scar rather than making sure. A man came to do some drywall work at the friend's house and recognised Panda as a puppy from one of their dog's previous litters. They had bred Mom and kept Panda til she was 6 months old but then gave her away because she was hyper and destructive. The people they gave her to dumped her after less than a week and how she showed up on my friend's doorstep is a mystery. So now these BYBs want Panda back. We have found out that the woman who runs this rescue bought a puppy from these folks a few years back and is friendly with them. These people aren't horrible animal abusers but they are in no way good responsible pet owners and it's crazy that any rescue would even consider them as adopters. I found out about 2 hours ago that they have been allowed to adopt Panda, even though she is not spayed, not vaccinated, these people have an intact female already and no fence, just a 6'x10' kennel run. I'm so pissed because this is a 501c3 rescue that gets lots of grants and community support and presents themselves as reputable and this is the kind of crap they're doing? Sorry. I know this isn't Dane related but I'm so angry that they did this and didn't even clear anything with my friend who has been paying for all the dog's expenses. I'm also mad at myself since I've given them donations and didn't check them out thoroughly. I'll be much more careful from now on....
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    You have my sympathy! I'd be irate. Sounds like this female is going back into the BYB circuit, poor thing.
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      do you think they just wanted to give panda back to the 'original owner' because they thought that was easier than taking on responsibility for her and finding a new home? or do they view it as returning a dog to its owner even though that isnt quite the case? it does sound weird to me and im not even that familiar with rescue practices.
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