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I spent the day in Norco at "The Rescue"

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  • I spent the day in Norco at "The Rescue"

    Yes, I actually got to experience the rescue for myself! My hands were shaking with nervousness as I got within one mile as I didn't know what to expect. Would they hate me for being a member of the meetup group they mention on their website? Am I crazy for even wanting to go there? I went down the road and parked in front of an iron gate that led to a pool the likes of which I have never seen before anywhere. It made my pool look like a total joke by comparison.

    Ok, back to the important stuff. Burt came over with a smile on his face and led me to a staging area where other potential adoptors were being shown dogs by Tracy. Many different dogs were shown including Borzios, St Bernards, etc., and of course Great Danes. One of the Harlequins was the largest dog I have ever seen and super friendly.

    Then Tracy brought out a fawn that just blew me away. His name was Minato and I got up out of my seat and wrapped my arms around this magnificent (and VERY tall) dog. Below is a picture of him with his paws on my shoulders. I told Tracy I wanted him. He was not available or this story would be reading "the dog I adopted today from Gentle Giants". If by some remote chance I get a call that I can have him, I will be adopting him. No if's, and's, or but's; he will be mine.

    Burt and Tracy were very kind to me and had an optimistic outlook for Kimba. I now consider them friends and have made my personal determination based on my experience that I am a fan of Gentle Giants Rescue. Everyone else is free to make their own determination for themselves but this is mine.

    If I had a bad experience, I would be the first one to report that but I did not. I had a very good one. I will not try to sway anyone who has formed their opinions. Its your individual right to have a personal opinion of your own. Mine is based on actually being there.

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    Congrats, How AWESOME that must have been. Here's praying that you get that phone call!!
    Great pic.
    SA Great Dane Rescue
    Their trash is my treasures!!

    Hannah R.I.P. 11-9-10
    15 years.


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      Well of COURSE you had a good experience...they are trying to reel you in! I honestly cant believe you would even consider supporting a BYB/mill oh, oops, I mean "rescue" like that. SERIOUSLY?


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        Sad to see that you drank the kool-aide.



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          I would think that being a member of DOL you would know better


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            Who else has been there? I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm just curious.


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              I'm not surprised you had a nice visit or that people were nice to you..but please think about what they are doing there they are dog brokers posing as a rescue, it's not 'adopting' when they are breeding!!!


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                How sad.