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    Does anyone else have any dog pictures decorating their homes? Here are a few of mine, a lot more are still packed and will be put up soon:

    Here's a painting done of Jake, my first Dane. It's about 36 years old:

    Here are 2 more Dane pictures I purchased at dog shows:

    Here's a painting I had done of Chance and Lucy:

    A couple more in the next post...
    Karen, Chance, Lucy and Savanah RB


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    Few more...

    Couple more:

    This is a print off of e-bay because I thought it looked like Chance:

    Here's Savanah my RB Golden:

    Just a corner of my room, (the collars on the top right peg are the collars of the pets I've lost ) The plack hanging from the Golden says, " A Spoiled Rotten Golden Retriever Lives Here.":

    Karen, Chance, Lucy and Savanah RB



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      One more...

      Can't forget this one:

      This is a painting a friend did for me of my heart cat, Mingo. It's about 26 yrs. old:

      I would love to see any art that you guys have and would like to share...
      Karen, Chance, Lucy and Savanah RB



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        I love your collection! They are beautiful. I don't have anything quite like yours but I do have one. When we left to live in NC for our training away from home for a year an autistic boy from our church painted a picture of Cain & Leda to take with us since we couldn't take them. I love this painting. It was so hard leaving them behind and the thoughtfulness of this young guy to think of us enough to do such a thing just blows me away.
        Tracy ~ wife(to Marshall) & mom to 3 skin kids (Devin, Cameron, Kaiden) & 2 fur kids (Cain & Leda) RIP my sweet Breech 8-12-09 to 9-18-10.


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          Here are two that I have had done of my dogs


          The original:


          The original:


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            I have tons of my Callahan <3

            Here's him lying down with two pieces...

            Four toony drawings...

            My room is arranged differently now lol... but all the same pics are up.

            More statues


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                Rachel's art is incredible. She did a pointillism of Chance that came out beautiful. It's still packed but you can see it here:

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                Karen, Chance, Lucy and Savanah RB



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                  I have one painting and one charcoal of Kava done by my mother...

                  Original photo...


                  In my office, I have another water color of Kava done by my mom and I have two brindle paintings done by Rachel. They aren't of Kaos, but could be.

                  My mother is currently working on a painting from the Kaos DOL Calendar cover shot.
                  Logan, Member GDCA and Past President GDCMF
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                    My dad does wildlife pencil drawings. He's working on one of Lucy for me and I cannot wait for it to be done. It's a huge picture!
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                    "A dog is not 'almost human' and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such" -John Holmes


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                      this is maggie, who i lost to nasal cancer last july...

                      this is simon, who i lost to DM last december...

                      this is the first one i had done. this is flag, my husky i lost to old age...

                      i'd like to have a portrait done of all 3 danes if i can ever get a good picture of them together!


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                        I dont have any. I need to do a painting of Deacon. I feel very compelled to. Maybe when I am out of work for my surgery I can see if I feel well enough to paint. But I only have ever done 2 paintings in my life and both were dogs. I only have a picture of one of them.

                        The picture of him I want to paint though, his ear is flipped back. I love the picture. I may paint it and put his ear back down. Or paint it back. Heck, I dont know.

                        Deacon - Harl born 2-10-09
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                          The dogs have their own room in the house. I'm going to frame and hang all of Turner's win pictures in the room. So far ther only dog related art I have in their room is a big poster I bought at a dog show and a switch plate cover.

                          Switch plate cover we bought at a dog show

                          sigpic Cooper 2 years old
                          "Turner" Great Dane DOB: 4/7/2008
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                            I just have one piece of doggy art as well. Drawing that we had done of Deuce

                            I do have a portrait photo that was done of the our elderly miniature poodle but that is packed away right now.
                            Tamara and Deuce