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  • Describe your Dane... a few words!

    I was watching my guys tonight, thinking they're so similar, yet so different! So I thought it'd be fun to hear about the individual personalities of all the Danes here:

    Here's a brief description of my babies:

    Dori: Hilarious, independant, loving, smart, athletic, adores toys, expressive, a talker, prissy, ornery, intuitive, playful, caretaker of her brother and sister, treat hog, habitual, very in tune with me.

    Toby: Goofy, sensitive, scardey-cat, protective, stoic, loyal, loving, has eyes that make me melt, quiet, lazy, nervous, hates change, sweet, a fighter (wobblers wise-not dog-dog fighting!), a big baby, mama's boy.

    Cami: Loyal, clingy, smart, crafty, athletic, affectionate, a talker, sensitive, brave, a piggy, polite, respectful, listens to all and any commands without hesitation, looks at me as if she's afraid I'll leave her.

    Dori: 7 years (TDI, CGC), Toby: RIP SWEET BOY (CGC), Cami: 7 years (TDI, CGC)


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    Desi is, headstrong, protective, fearful, expressive, intelligent, loves a good joke, princess (sorry, she says queen), playful, brainiac, guilty, and always by my side.

    Murray is obedient, loyal, friendly, playful, curious, nosey, funny, concerned, helpful, kissy, huggy, lazy, brainy in shocking ways, sneaky and at my other side.
    Lori, Desi & Grimm
    RIP my beloved Murray 5/17/07-09/13/12
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    Proud to be a Boise State Bronco!


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      Greta: Goofy, intelligent, independant, affectionate on her own terms, food motivated, prissy non paw using rawfed, squeaky-toy-aholic!!

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        Cisco is clumsy, loving, a super-duper grandkid babysitter, lap-dog, thinks he's a tiny Dachshund, sensitive, completely my 'velcro' dog, beautiful........and the sweetest dispositioned dane I've ever had! I love him very much!


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          Carefree (and CLUMSY!)
          Always good for a laugh
          Easy to love
          Tough gal
          The best doggy I have ever known

          Other things...loves car rides, stick lover, a budding retriever, a big and loving sweetheart, mischievous, a big silly puppy in a big dog's clothing.

          I could go on for days about my bad good girl.
          Katie & Scarlett


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            Earl is add,has ocd,and needs to go na!


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              Rosco is kind, loving, loyal, protective, clumsy, lazy, couch potato, nosy, kleptomaniac, loves kids, loves any stick more, enjoys car rides and long walks.
              Sounds like I'm putting him on
              The # 1 thing he is...........My Best Friend


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                Originally posted by Rosco'sMom View Post
                The # 1 thing he is...........My Best Friend

                You said it best!! Amen to that!

                Steeler is clumsy, protective, loving, friendly, stubborn, nosey, highly food motivated, and lets not forget "special"

                And him and Jonah are the loves of my life....they make me happier than anyone else can!
                sigpicSteeler and Kelly

                He is your best friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
                You are his life, his love, his leader.
                He will be yours faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
                You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


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                  What a great thread!!!

                  Breez - goofy, dopey, sweet, loves her people, protective, lap dog, awesome snuggler, slobber queen, playful (too much so with the cats) gentle (not gentle enough with the cats), all legs, silky ears, sensitive, great with wild 6 year olds.... My first and deff. not my last dane
                  Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened.
                  - Anatole France


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                    Gwen: Sweet Sweet Sweet, Silly, Agile, Adorable, Huggable, Loveable, oh & Sweet

                    Jerry: Jack A$$, PITA, Insufferable, Insolent, Rude, Loud, Belligerant, the cause of my grey hairs :-)


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                      Originally posted by Scarlett's Mum View Post

                      I could go on for days about my bad good girl.
                      My bad good it!!
                      That also describes Miley haha


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                        Originally posted by MileyBeans View Post
                        My bad good it!!
                        That also describes Miley haha
                        Teehee...not a day goes by that we don't remind Scarlett that she's the best bad dog ever.
                        Katie & Scarlett


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                          Tucker is lovable, smoochable, goofy, easily distracted, a nosey norah, predictable, not a morning-dog, willing to please, and eager to play.
                          What Tucker's up to now:


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                            Presley (RIP) was independent, sweet, Very gentle with all living critters, Easy going, loved to socialize, submissive,love of my life. (brought tears to my eyes describing him)

                            Gibson - Stuborn, super curious, Obsessive about smelling things, clumsy, thinks he is a greyhound when running in back yard, lazy, affectionate, needy, loves all living critters but isn't always gentle, high maintenance.
                            He is almost 3yrs old now & I love that he is finally maturing!

                            I forgot to add Slobbery!!!!
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                            sigpic Brenda
                            RIP Gibson 9/06 - 8/11
                            Presley 8/96 - 11/06


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                              Capone is... a total clown, expressive, stubborn, easily distracted, good when he wants something, highly food motivated, a bed hog, a spaz, sneaky, offensive, pushy...and totally handsome.

                              Can you tell we're having a bad day? LOL. Maybe I'll update this on a good day...
                              Capone & Sookie