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Do you let your dane sleep in your bed?

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    We found Lily when she was only 3 months old...or should I say, she found us? About 27 lbs then and we had a dble mattress...HAD! Over the next several months as she grew and grew, we went to a king size. She had a full futon in the room with us, but she preferred our bed with us. Her rowdy tantrums before settling down looked like a race course between the futon and our bed. She has since settled down now that she is 13 months old...sort of anyway. We have a guest house over the garage and some nights we sleep there, if we really want to sleep! She is a wonderful bed partner cuddling between us or on one side, or at the foot of the bed, or on our pillows as we creep to the bottom of the bed...or... Those long legs as she stretches are weapons. She usually wakes about 2:30 to go out. Of course, part of my house training for her has included ME going out with her and then rewarding her when she is done. Still doing that too. I guess she won't go unless I go with her.
    All in all, my wife and I miss her when we use the guest house or go away for a night or two. She loves to be with us at night and I think she even sleeps better too. Do they make bigger mattresses than King size?


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      They do make custom size mattresses.. I have no idea how much they cost or exactly where ot get them, but I have seen them advertised.
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        My Zeke is 3 months old now, I work from home and am up at 4am. He would be so active in the morning I could not hear my passengers on the phone. So I would bring him in the bedroom with my husband and put him on the bed and he would go right to sleep. Now on weekend mornings he gets up early so I bring him in with us and he insists that he use my arm as a pillow. But he sleeps an extra 2-3 hrs. I know I'm asking for trouble later but I love cuddling with my dogs. lol