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It's like walking a teenager on a leash....

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  • It's like walking a teenager on a leash....

    Thor has been great on walks until the last couple of days. He keeps his nose on the ground and runs every time he gets a whiff of a girl I guess. Not to mention now he HAS to sniff every pole, fire hydrant, bush..... you name it we have to stop and smell it. There is this one dog, yellow/white lab I think that is out when we walk and it must be a girl because every time Thor sees this dog he perks his head up and stands he's saying "Hey baby look at me!" Too funny!

    Gotta love teenagers!

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    LOL, I could totally picture Thor with his nose to the ground looking for the cutest dog in the neighborhood. :-)
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      How old is Thor? Must be funny seeing a tall dane walking with his nose on the ground...

      Wish him luck impressing his "lady"...
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        He's 5 months old and at last measurement 2-3 weeks ago he stood 26" at the shoulder. I can easily pet his head without bending down granted I'm only 5'5". But he can most definitely rest his head and then some on the couch without any issue. Something my 2 yr old human baby can't even do. (I mean she can't crawl up onto the couch yet)...we have a taller couch.


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          LOL, Festus does this too he is la di da, off in his own little world until people or another dog is in sight, then he perks up, lifts his head up high, points his ears, puffs out his chest as to say "LOOK AT ME, I AM HOTT"