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    Excellent to know about the motels.

    We also had this happen with family. We went four months in the coldest winter we had for a long time with no heat. We were renting and (long story) the landlord wouldn't fix the heat. The wiring in the home didn't allow for space heaters, the sensors in them would turn them off the second we plugged them in. So we asked my father in law if we could stay with them for a month so that we could find another place to rent with having hennessey. They told us they wouldn't let us stay with them because of our great dane. Too big. Too much trouble.

    They are now allowing another family member to stay who has a chihuahua and a chow. I will never understand people. Hennessey is one of the sweetest boys ever. It just kills me that people are so insensitive and closed minded.
    Who says Great Danes are too big to be in the house? How much couch do they really need?


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      We've been lucky that most of our family is very loving toward our fur baby. My hubby's mom is afraid of her, but she's afraid of all dogs. My mom tolerates her (fairly well though...she's just bitter that I decided to get a dog and haven't had kids), but my dad calls her his 3rd granddaughter.

      It's incredible to me the crazy that Danes bring out in some people though. I was at the dog park with my dog one day and she was swimming in the bay when a woman passed by with her son and she said really loudly to her son that they needed to walk a different way because "that big dog could really hurt him". Brembo was in the water...the woman and her son were up on the embankment at least 100 yds. away yet they still made a point to run and take the widest possible path around my dog...ridiculous. Frankly, most of the time my dog's the one mellowly watching while someone's little terrier or shepherd is causing trouble.

      It's funny, 'cause she doesn't even look that big to me...all the other dogs just look small....sometimes it still surprises me when someone's walking by and says "wow, that is one big dog..." I turn and look to see what they're talking about and then realize, oh, they're talking about my little baby.
      Brembo, Puffin, & Rahime

      "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
      You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
      You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown


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        If it is any consolation, sometimes family memebers do "come around." When I began talking about getting a Great Dane, my mother said, "Well, you're not bringing that thing into my house!" She insisted that I would not be able to visit her if I had my dog with me. Now, a year later, if I go to her house without Merle, she wants to know where he is. If I do have him with me, I get ignored while she says hello to him. All it took was her spending a little time with him and gaining some confidence around such a big dog.


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          La Quintas are also dog friendly


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            In Toronto, EVERYONE and their cat has a dog. I get so many comments how these people always wanted a big dog but they opted for a smaller dog due to their urban lifestyle. But really, everyone just likes a dog they can dress up and carry around.

            As much of a beyotch Scarlett can be, she is ten times easier than any of the ankle biters these people have!

            Someone said to me the other day at Blockbuster (had Scarlett with me), "Does it need a lot of exercise? I have a pom and I couldn't imagine having anything bigger." And I responded, rather coolly, because she wouldn't stop pointing at us to her husband, and she called Scarlett 'it', "The bigger they are, the less they need." She looked stunned. People are dumb. Can't they just look around and see the difference in dogs' energy levels based on breed and size?
            Katie & Scarlett


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              My parents both call Capone their "grandpuppy" and he's more than welcome at their houses. My future in-laws are always saying he is welcome, but their house isn't very dog-friendly (i.e. dad would FREAK if Capone ran through the landscaping...and he would) so I don't bring him much. They also allow the smaller dogs on the boat, but Capone isn't allowed on it since he's gotten bigger. When he was small they let him. They're worried about his nails puncturing the seats, but don't small dogs have nails also? Oh well. I understand it just still stinks bc when we have boat days I'm the only one who can't bring their dog bc they're on a lake the yard isn't fenced I can't just leave him on the shore and take off in the boat.

              As far as friends, I remember last year 4th of July party at Parker's there were 3 puppies there including Capone. Most friends were tolerant of Capone. One of Parker's friends kept complaining about Capone jumping on him because he got dirt on his shirt (umm on the lake, it was a cut off shirt dude!), but I was watching and the other puppies (one was HIS) were jumping all over everyone! I know he's bigger but once again...just because your dog is smaller (lab) doesn't mean you don't have to correct them or that jumping is okay. Then he had treats and had the other two pups and was telling them sit and giving them treats, and when Capone walked over obviously wanting a treat he sat down and the guy told him, "Get out of here!" I about freaked. (I don't like this dude as it is.) I just feel like he didn't like him because he was big or something, and he made it perfectly clear that he didn't. He always asks Parker, "How's that big monster? I dont get why anyone would want a dog that big!" Well I don't know why anyone would want a friend with a mouth that big, so whatever. Sorry for the rant, I'm still annoyed 1 year later!

              As far as hotels and whatnot, we stayed at a Days Inn in SC I believe and they didn't even charge us anything extra. We also stayed at a Comfort Inn after Capone's neuter. She said they had a size limit for dogs but when I told her it was a Great Dane she said, "Ohhhh I LOVE great danes! Alright you can bring him." and gave us a room on the first floor right by the exit so we could take him out. So SOMETIMES having these big goofy babies can work in your advantage!
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                Being that me and Earl are a couple of road dogs we've encountered the gamut of reactions out there..from a cop reaching for his gun to kids running up to pet him(which always gives me the oppurtunity to explain proper behavior around strange dogs). The majority of truck drivers have the meanest nastiest dogs not much bigger than a pile of Easrl's poop. But I have to respect other people's feelings. I love great danes,and yes they don't seem that big to me either,but I know that people are deathly afraid too. Sometimes that's a good thing,especially when I have to deliver in some really scary places. I stopped to visit family in NJ, and I totally know that to them a dog absolutely does not belong in the house...but I grew up in an Italian family that kept plastic over the furniture..yuk!. Everyone came out to see the big dog and they let him hang out in the yard and that was fine with me. The really big shocker for me is my dad and step mom in Buena Park,CA. Like I said,dogs were never,ever allowed in the house..but maybe old age has softened them up cause Earl is welcome inside the house there! They have a bunch of shitzu..poopoo..apso whatevers and they get rearranged so Earl can come in and have free reign in the house. They always ask about Earl when I talk to them. My 13yr nephew walks him through the neighborhood when we stop by. It blows my mind but its really great.


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                  large breed prejudice

                  [QUOTE=JuJeeMD;412914] "How's that big monster? I dont get why anyone would want a dog that big!"
                  BOY OH BOY I get that everyday about Earl being in the truck. I tried team driving before I had Earl..bad idea..and I just tell them Earl's no bigger than the last ***hole I had in the truck,he just walks on all fours all the time.


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                    BOY OH BOY I get that everyday about Earl being in the truck. I tried team driving before I had Earl..bad idea..and I just tell them Earl's no bigger than the last ***hole I had in the truck,he just walks on all fours all the time.[/QUOTE]

           crack me up


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                      Rose I love your posts.


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                        Originally posted by Firetiger View Post
                        Just my two cents, but if I had that happen, especially from an immediate family member, I would tell her when she comes to visit SHE can sleep in the garage! AND I just wouldn't go visit her!
                        Originally posted by shunee View Post
                        wow! I can't belive that
                        My sister is actually a really nice person and we're really close. She's just not the animal type, any animal. She likes admiring from a distance, but she's not into having dog hair or dog drool on her or any of her furniture. When she calls, she would ask how he's doing and she would make comments about me not feeding him enough (according to her, feeding "only" 3 times a day and rationing his daily portion to 4 1/2 cups is starving him...i simply love my sis...).

                        Originally posted by rahime View Post
                        I'm in process of planning a road trip and have found that most Motel 6's in the country allow dogs generally regardless of size for no extra fee. They certainly aren't the nicest hotels, but the fact that they don't discriminate based on size or breed gets them my business.

                        I've also been using to help plan the trip for those nights that we really want to stay somewhere a little nicer. I searched for hotels/lodging and found a list for each state/region of the pet-friendly places. Many places have nice bed and breakfasts that are dog-friendly. Just be sure to read the fine print on the pet policy wherever you stay 'cause a lot of them have max. weight limits that would exclude Danes. There are some other national chains that also accept pets though most charge an extra fee.
                        Thank you for the information, I'll look into to see if there's one close to her place. Might be going there mid-July. I may not be able to talk my sister into hugging a dog, but I can still corrupt my niece's mind and get her to love big dogs...

                        I just realized that this info would also be in handy if I have to evacuate due to hurricane...
                        - Victoria -
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                          If you are a AAA member, ask for the travel guide to the area you're visiting (this can be requested online or at an AAA office). It lists all the AAA approved hotels- and it lets you know which ones accept dogs. Only problem we ran into using AAA on our moves was the desk clerk at the Westin we made reservations at freaked about us having a Dane (we made it quite clear what type of dog we had when we made the reservation to prevent this sort of reaction). Once the manager arrived, it was no problem though. The manager even gave us a map of the area and circled all the parks that were dog friendly that she liked to bring her Irish wolfhound to. So even though that visit started out on a tense note, it ended up being one of our better stays.


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                            We had the same issue with Titan when we went to visit my mother in law. She has three small dogs, and wasn't too happy about Titan being in the house. He was supposed to stay outside, but she got tired of him banging on the screen door to be let in. I think she was pleasantly surprised with how well behaved he was indoors, but next time we go to visit her we will either take our camper or stay in a hotel.
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