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How Quick Does Your Vet Get You In...(SORRY - LONG)

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    Originally posted by alicat613 View Post
    My holistic vet doesn't really do emergencies. It would be unlikely to get in, and there are few emergencies I can think of where I'd call them.

    Otherwise I use a 'Dane clinic' with three vets and a neighborhood clinic (where the vet is a Dane owner) and I'm confident I could be seen in a matter of hours between the two clinics for a true emergency.

    My emergency vet can see us immediately during emergency hours.

    While its nice to have vets that will do their best to work me in, part of this has to do with knowing what is and what isn't an emergency. An emergency is really something that has the possibility of being life-threatening or otherwise urgent -- bone sticking out, possible internal injury/blockage/bloat/addisonian crisis etc, wound that needs immediate care.

    When in doubt I appreciate that they are able to talk with me about the symptoms and help decide if this is urgent. Being a concerned but reasonable pet owner and patient goes a long way.
    Exactly!! That was the point I was trying to make but you did it so much better! *L*
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      Really happy your baby is okay. And don't worry about being a total nut case, I'm that way too. I'm constantly affraid that my husband would pull Jethro's teeth of when they play tug cause both of them pull on the rope so hard. It's because you love them so much that you go crazy (literally) whenever something happens to them...
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        Glad it wasn't serious. Good luck with keeping him from licking the ointment off. :-)
        He has taken to pulling off the socks I put on him and hiding them under my couch. The dog is too smart for his own good. Vet says if I can sit with him for about ten minutes after putting the ointment on and keep him from licking, we should be good to go. So that's the way we're doing it now. He's walking normally (and running and jumping and playing) again.


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          Glad he is improving. Worse case scenario you might need to buy an e-collar. I'll keep my fingers crossed he will behave himself. :-)
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            Glad he is improving. Worse case scenario you might need to buy an e-collar. I'll keep my fingers crossed he will behave himself. :-)
            Ugh. We have various sized E(vil)-collars at the house. I hate to use them. The dogs are all tall enough that they really tear things up when they wear them but if it comes to it, I will put one on him. He will never speak to me again. They hate them so much.

            He's great about not licking if you're watching him, thankfully. And the cut is healing nicely thank goodness. He's a little pissed that he can't get in his pool but other than that, he's not resisting too much.