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Doggy Duds??

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  • Doggy Duds??

    I swear if I wasn't quite sure my husband would disown me, I would buy this to bring Chaucer home in....

    Does anyone ever dress their danes? Would the other dogs make fun of him at the dog park? Is it totally emasculating?

    Edited to add: the 2x only fits a 14 lb. dog. I'm sensing a bias....

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    Please don't do it.


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      Originally posted by marilynk View Post
      Please don't do it.
      LOL....still debating.....


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        Doggy Duds??

        Don't do it, that poor dog, to a new home and then dress him up in a tux for the ride home.

        I could understand Halloween. I have not had my Dane long enough, if I can find a cute outfit for Halloween then I will dress him up, but that is the only time I would do that, or for Mardi Gras, They have a parade down here just for dogs called "Barkus" It is around the same time.

        They have a king and queen just like in the regular parades, I have always wanted to go but just never got around to it.

        I have two schnauzers that I dressed up last halloween they were so unhappy, one as a stripper the other as a devil. The outfits lasted about 10 minutes and then they took them off themselves.
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          Yeah I would not do it either, the only clothes I would put on mine our Harley shirts, or football jerseys but never anything that looks embarrassing, I go by the rule of thumb, if it looks embarrassing it probably is!
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            Hey Mistylyn,

            How bout skipping the tux and sending the $$$$$ to a Dane Rescue?????
            Wouldn't that make you feel even BETTER !( Did I mention I rescue Danes.....) I could rustle up a t-shirt for the pup maybe.....LOL



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              Oh the humanity!

              My dogs, Danes and others, would never speak to me again!

              Come on now, these are regal, noble dogs...leave that doggy dressing up thing to the dust bunny dog owners


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                Have to agree, instead of spending that kind of money on clothes, send to a Dane Rescue. Dressing is for ankle biters. But if you ask them, I bet they wouldn't want to dress up either.
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                  I agree.Halloween is a fun time for that or a doggy event. It took forever for Rosco to stop trying to chew off a bandana around his neck. You ever notice the look on those little dogs faces all dressed up. It's like " Oh,please,somebody get this of of me!!"


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                    Oh, please no. He may be scarred for life :p

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                      I have an idea, skip the tux and goe with a tie...

                      My in-laws rotti, Jed, was forced to wear a tie for our wedding...I cropped my husband out of the pic here, not sure if he wants to be displayed or not...haha...

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                        Don't like the tux either, but love that tie! If you want to buy clothes for your dane, the only thing acceptable for me is a winter jacket. Here in Montréal, my baby will need one cause it's often -20C or even colder... It's almost a necessity, but I got tease a lot just for buying one!!!
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                          Tucker had coats in the winter because he had no hair on his belly. I'm hoping he won't need one this winter, but if he does i'll get one. I think that clothes are needed for protection only (coats, reflective vests, life jackets, etc).

                          But Halloween is a fun time to dress pets up for pictures. We do a Christmas card every year for our three cats. You have to give them tons of treats to make them feel better.

                          Instead of doing clothes, if you want your dog to have a wardrobe - perhaps different collars? You can change collars frequently and your pup won't be uncomfortable.
                          What Tucker's up to now:


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                            My Danes will wear coats in the winter as does my pit bull who has what I refer to as "fishing line fur"...the more rugged of my group (the lab and coonhound) are exempt from the coat thing.

                            The Rottie in the tie is pretty darn cute!


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                              OK, tux. You win. lol... Chaucer will probably thank you when he's old enough. Besides, the therapy bills down the road (for him, not me--I know what you were thinking :P ) would probably break me. OK, now I'm looking forward to Halloween....and just so ya know, I do make generous donations to the local rescues. Wonder how that tux would look on my Maine Coon?? Hmmm......