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My great dane got beat up today...

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  • My great dane got beat up today...

    by a BEAGLE! We live in the country and local hunting dogs stop by occasionally. Very friendly. Well this beagle didn't appreciate me getting a pup.

    She stopped by, Daffie was so happy to see her, but the feeling wasn't mutual. Daisy the beagle was tolerant but we could tell she wasn't pleased. She sat nicely while Daffie sniffed, poked, wagged, barked, and basically smothered her.

    Once we went off the deck and into the yard Daisy wasn't so gracious. Daffie went up to her and wanted to play and the beagle jumped up and snapped at Daffie with fangs showing and a big growl. Thank God I had put her on the leash so I pulled her back.

    I took Daffie back to the house but she doesn't get it. She cried to go play with the beagle. Oh what's a mother to do?

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    Most if not all of my danes have been molested by those ankle biters - I'd take beaten up anyday, LOL.


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      120 lb Louis

      Gets abused by 60 lb Belle, my English Setter Princess, on a regular basis!
      The warning signals she gives both Louis, the Danish, and Jack, the male Setter, would certainly be enough to scare my away, but the boys are thinking with the other head!!!!