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  • Dog Beds for Danes

    What are your favorite beds for your danes? The foam/therapeutic pads looks like the only ones that would be comfortable for larger/heavier dogs. Any suggestions for specific beds? Also, any heads up on good deals to be found with beds would be great too

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    Mine have always really like the Costco beds ... and they are the most affordable (i think)


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      Kuranda beds


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        4DaDog Beds are fantastic.
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          Kuranda or Avept indestructible cot beds for us! They also fit inside a colossal crate and are great outdoors as well as indoors.
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            We use primo pads in Winston's crate as they are very durable and have lasted longer than any other dog bed we have purchased. I see they did just change their guarantee on them though. They use to be guaranteed for life when I bought mine. We also have standard round beds around the house (with the stuffing inside), but Winston prefers his queen size bed with a feather top to any of those!
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              Bow wow beds and crate cover. I love the fact that you buy just the cover and you fill it with what you think is the best for you dane (pillow, baby cribe mattres..) Tough and easy to wash. They have a wide variety of sizes and color. The crate cover are also a really good idea to hide a colossal crate and make it look beautifull. I'm going to buy all my beds from them this week, I will give you my own opinion on them after.
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                I use a twin sized spring mattress for my guys, it works very well. For just one though, you could get away with a baby crib mattress and put a sheet on it. Makes it easy when it comes time to wash, throw the sheet in the machine and wipe down the mattress.


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                  For the price, I haven't been able to beat Costco. I've gotten both the round, pillow type, which are spread in and out of my house, and a rectangular ortho. foam type that fits beautifully in her crate.

                  She has a Kurunda type bed on the back patio, but doesn't use it very often. Seems to prefer the pillow type.


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                    Thor has a Cordura pillow. It's a case with four regular pillows in it. It's super durable stuff, it's what they make flak jackets out of for the military. So if you have an avid chewer I would highly recommend it and it's supposed to withstand over 7000 washes.

                    I attached a pic that shows his pillow.
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                      Bambi has a big quilt she sleeps on.... When not on that she is either on the couch or her pillow {Couch cushion} or the crib mattress....
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                        My friend Mary owns . Wonderful lady, great customer service and great products! She also sells dog beds on Ebay.

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