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  • ramp recommendations?

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a ramp for getting Darwin into our Jeep? Darwin is starting to have a lot of trouble jumping into the back of the Jeep. Today was the worst- he just looked back at me, tucked his tail and turned to go back in the house rather than make a second attempt to get in the Jeep. I can assist him into the Jeep right now, but if he continues to deteriorate, I'm not sure I'll be able to lift him into the Jeep. Thanks for your help!

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    I know Pet Smart carries a folding type that several folks in my Great Dane meetup group use, not sure of the brand though. I've heard that some dogs refuse to go up them, so it would be great if you had the ability to try one before buying it. I would think a food motivated dog could be bribed though.

    Good luck with your senior boy. This is something I am not looking forward to dealing with.


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      Wish you lived closer, I'd give you mine. None of my Danes will set one foot on it. I tried training them to walk on it by laying in a hallway, but they just stand on the other side and cry -- for hours! I finally gave up.

      And you are right to be concerned. My Rottie x Dobie tore ligaments in her shoulder when she jumped off the back gate of a former SUV. The next new vehicle I purchased was a minivan, now all except Merlot just step into it. Merlot has musculoskeletal issues, so she puts her front feet in and I lift her back end.

      You're sure welcome to my ramp if you can figure out how to get it from Maryland!
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        Thank you for the kind offer of the ramp! I know Darwin will walk on ramps because he walked up a neighbor's wheelchair ramp (she called to him from inside the van) and he also walked up the temporary ramp (steep slope and all) we had at my grandmother's house after she recovered from hip surgery.


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          I have telescoping ramp, and I would NOT recommend it. It takes too much space, hard to set it up, and edges are pretty sharp. I like tri-folding kind much more - it takes less space, and there is no sharp edges.


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            Thank you! I will definitely keep your advise in mind while searching for ramps.


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              Hi..I'm pretty new here and am working at getting pics of my co driver earl up. I drive an
              18 wheeler and I have that folding ramp that petsmart sells. Of course your jeep isn't as tall as my truck but I'll give you my opinion of it in case it helps. It's real easy to pull in and comes with a little strap handle and it stows pretty good cause it folds up.
              It has a gritty non slip surface so the dogs don't slip. I got when Earl was a pup,and now at 3yrs old he can jump in and out if I don't have the room to open it. But it will be a life saver should he ever get injured or when he reaches those later years.


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                I just got the tri-fold from Pet Smart. We have not used it yet. Our SUV is high off the ground so I figured it would be good since Lexie has some hip issues. I just have to figure out how to get them to walk on it.
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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually ordered the tri-fold one made by Jeep (widest one available).

                  From what I've read, you put the ramp down somewhere that your Danes have to walk on. Next you prop it up just a bit and let them walk on it. Finally, you put it up at the car and then try to get them to walk right in...

                  Me, I'm planning on getting DH to sit in our Jeep and call Darwin. If that doesn't work, well, I'll resort to bribery with a bowl of whipped cream.