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She's crying everytime I leave the house!

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  • She's crying everytime I leave the house!

    I'm hoping maybe someone can help me. My girl Bailey is 6 1/2 months old and is a mushy sweet girl. We have had her since she was 3 months old. In the past 2 weeks she has decided to cry non stop whenever I go out of the house. I could be just stepping out front or going to the store. I am home pretty much all day except for running errands. She has never been left home for an excessive amount of time. She does this when she is crated or when she is home with one of the other family members . There is no reason that I can think of that would cause her to all of a sudden start this behavior, I feel so bad for her . Has anyone else experienced this?

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    What is your routine when you leave the house and come home?
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      I think this is the direction Scarlett's Mum is heading..... Not giving them too much attention for 5-10 when leaving and coming home will help reduce anxiety. Also, be sure you do not act as though you feel bad when you leave. Just get up and go, very low key-like. These are two methods I hear help with the anxiety issue.

      It's so hard not to love them all of the time! Good luck to you and your baby


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        We have a very active household, there is someone coming and going all the time. I definitely do not make an issue about when I come and go. I had read some time ago not to bring attention to that so that the puppy would remain calm. She stays in her crate all night without so much as a whimper . I just don't know what triggered this all of a sudden . I hope I can resolve this because if I need to travel the person that will be watching her will not be too happy .


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          Do you have kids? If so, remember that toddler stage where they cry/whine/scream anytime you leave? I imagine she calms down after a few minutes, just like a child does. You're just not there to see it. Ignore it, don't feed into it.

          Vader doesn't cry when I leave, but he paces. Non. Stop. He prefers his crate at those times as it's his "safe" zone. He'll even put himself in his crate at times (according to the hubby.) If you don't have a crate, you might try that as well.
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            She is going through separation anxiety. Some people have found low mellow music and covering the kennel to work. Some put a blanket or old t shirt that smells like you in the kennel. Also do not coddle her. Do not return and feel sorry for leaving and let her all over you when you return your dog is very much like a toddler. Also just like small children then can read you and will push the lines until they find out where they are.

            Also if there is someone else at your house when you leave your dog should be able to interact with them. You can practice this by having people over or having your kids play with your dog while you completely ignore the dog. The only attention and treats the pup will get is from the person there they are focusing on.


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              Tucker doesn't cry when we leave and he know we are actually leaving. He does cry if he can hear us in the yard and he is inside. I would try video taping to see how long your pup cries. We taped Tucker and it takes him about 3 minutes to go to sleep when I leave for work.

              Also, if you are planning on leaving your pup with others for a vacation or whatnot, can you do I trial run? Perhaps he can stay with that person on a Friday or Saturday night? That way if there is a major problem you can go get your pup. Otherwise if things are fine it will give you piece of mind on your vacation.
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                I'm finally getting a chance to thank you for your suggestions. Things have become a little bit better. Some days are better then others. Hopefully it is a phase and in time it will pass .


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                  She's crying everytime I leave the house!

                  Like TuckersMomma, Gibson does not cry anymore when I leave just when they know I have droven into the driveway. Now, I have others dogs and if i take them out and leave Gibson in the house alone he will cry for a bit.

                  I hope things work out for you.
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