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  • Apartment Cache Valley, Ut

    we've been searching for a place to move in the Cache Valley, but almost every place has a list of breeds not allowed, AND DANES ARE ON THEM! I don't understand this, but if anyone lives in this area and has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

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    looking in cache valley

    Even though some rental places say they won't allow great danes give them a call and ask , I have had one place let me do that. Another idea is to look at homes for rent they are a little easier because neighbors arn't so close. But offer to let them meet your dog so they can see how wonderful they are. ps there is a couple ads on for some homes for rent that allow pets


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      I agree that houses (or privately owned apartments) are easier than the big complexes. Someone also suggested offering to pay double the deposit to make them more comfortable allowing Danes.
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        When I lived in an apartment there was an absolutely no pet policy. The complex had apartments set aside for corporate clients and one of the ladies had a Great Dane. The ads may say one thing, but sometimes when you ask you get a different answer.
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