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    So last night I got up to go to the bathroom around 3:30 a.m. and decided to let the dogs out for a potty break too. I got everyone settled back into bed around 3:45a.m. Just as I am starting to fall back asleep I hear "Boof" "Boof" "Boof" coming from the danes room - I was just going to ignore it, because I knew it was Kaisers bark, and it wasn't his serious bark. At 4:15 I decided to go out there and see what he was barking at. Bishop and Ronin were on the kuranda bed curled up together and Kaiser was standing as close to the bed as possible "boofing" at them because there was no room on the kuranda bed for him!!!!! Once I saw it I couldn't be mad about him keeping me awake!!! So I had to go inside and get an inside bed from another room and put it next to the kuranda bed so that everyone was "cozy" LOL!!!!

    Just thought I would share!!!!!

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    Just so long as he knows what he likes!!!!! He's got you well trained! I have a similar thing with Lily, if Finn gets on 'her' sofa, she woofs at him, but he just shuts his eyes and ignores her, which makes her so mad she gets up on the sofa anyway, and sits on him!!
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      Well usually Kaiser is the first one on the bed so he doesn't have to worry about it, but the boys know Kaiser is all talk so they wouldn't budge after they got there first. Typically I will just let them "bark it out" but this boof was different so I had to see what was going on. I went out there to just tell him to hush up, but after seeing the scenario I cracked up laughing and got him a bed too! Not spoiled or anything. . .


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        I have to chime in on this one, we have a 3 yr old doxie and a 13 week dane. They are in crates during the night ( so the puppy doesn't chew everything in site). When I get up at 5:30am, I let them both out, breakfast, more outside time, blah blah blah, anyways, my fiance doesn't wake up until 8am. Our doxie is so use to cuddling up in bed with him that we just let him be, Harley, our dane doesn't like the fact the little dog gets to jump in the bed, now, realize my fiance is still SOUND asleep, Harley hasn't figured out how to jump in the bed so he will get as close to Rob (my fiance) as possible and starting barking, almost every morning Rob about jumps out of his skin. He helps Harley into the bed curls up with both of them and goes back to sleep.
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          Aww, that's so cute! Danes are so picky about where they sleep! LOL!!!! And they make it known if it's not quite right! Love it!

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            how great! it just makes you love danes more when you hear and experience these stories!! thanks for sharing!
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              Darwin is on a hiding kick. This means we have to put EVERYTHING in our bedroom away before we go to bed and remove all of Darwin's toys or else he;ll wake us up hiding any items left out. Unfortunately Darwin's favorite hiding spot is under his bed... Darwin also won't sleep on his bed if there are any lumps in it...think the Princess and the Pea. So he wakes us up to remove the items he's hidden under his bed. Not that he's spoiled or anything. Well, 2 nights ago, I wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. My husband forgot to put all the loose items away, so I was woken up at 3AM with Darwin crying. When I reached under his bed, I found my husband's socks, one shoe from each pair of my husband's shoes (6!!), both of Darwin's blankets, a bone, a ball, and a toy penguin stuffie under his bed.

              I'm not sure whom I should be training husband or Darwin!


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                that is a great storyaltho all my dogs are on my bed and i am on the floor no lie lol cute rotten brats


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                  Parker does things like this when he wants Hank's spot, only he's quieter. He'll just stand there and be an annoying presence usually, but sometimes he asks to go outside so his 'brother' will want to come too and he can get the spot when he gets back!

                  Sometimes they are surprisingly clever, especially when it comes to the important things in life!!


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                    From day one Baxter has absolutely loved our bed and will not sleep anywhere else. Lucky for us I work 3rd shift and he sleeps with my wife at night and then in the morning I get home we play, eat and then we sleep. He is absolutely in heaven with me working 3rd shift now his people are always at home with him doing his favorite thing.......sleeping.


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                      These are really funny stories, that prove that Danes are all the same around the world. My Luca likes to hog things, the bed, the couch, the dog beds, the toys, the bones etc....

                      So Leo finds himself often left out. Luca will go ahead and pile all the dog pillows and blankets and toys in his doggie bed and build a fortress. Then he lays on top of it, and watches the other dogs try to get comfortable without all the goodies.

                      Leo comes and get me then usually, he softly whines at me and tattle tells. He leads me straight to Luca and whatever he is hogging at the moment and looks at me like: " Hey mom, make him share." I often have to bite my lip from laughing. And I then proceed to dethrone the tyrant and distribute all the stuff back around. Luca is always a bit disgruntled and pouts, but oh well what else I have to do all day long
                      With best regards,
                      Jeannette Luca & Leo and now Lilly & Sophie


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                        It's so good to hear cute, happy stories! What a great way to start the day! Best wishes to all of you and your families, including your danes and whatever other animals you may have.


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                          These are great. Just last night Wrigley started to cry and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. She had been let out, she had her night time play, had her blankets ???? We finally figured that she was cold. My husband likes to set the small portable heater on him while in the basement TV room to take the chill off. Its warm enough to not have the heat on but the basement takes a bit longer to warm up. I guess Wrigley has become accustomed to being nice and toasty!! At 3:00am I went downstairs got the heater and put it in her room .... the remainder of the night was peaceful!!
                          Happy Day!!

                          Emily - Wrigley's Mom

                          GO CUBS


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                            [QUOTE=So Leo finds himself often left out. Luca will go ahead and pile all the dog pillows and blankets and toys in his doggie bed and build a fortress. Then he lays on top of it, and watches the other dogs try to get comfortable without all the goodies.[/QUOTE]

                            These stories are absolutely precious. Peanut is just the opposite of Luca. If there is one thing on his bed he comes to get me to remove it. He has a doggie puzzle toy that is a series of rings that slide onto a bone shape and when put together forms the body of a dog. It's all soft like stuffies. These rings are about the size of donuts. Anyway, this morning Peanut circled on his bed to lie down and then came over to me. Then he went back, circled, and came back to me. So I got up, looked in his bed and there was one ring in the middle of it! I removed the ring, he circled, and lied down happy as a clam! LOL! You're all right - they know how to train us well! Oh, by the way, I also have to pull the bed slightly away from the baseboard because he doesn't like to be up against it. We have baseboard hot water heat and he doesn't like the ticking noise!


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                              Savannah does this -- if either of my seniors is in a bed she wants, she stands in their faces and barks. Infuriates her that they ignore her!

                              Hey, I just saw that Merlot and former foster Dane Georgette's photo is on the Kuranda bed web site. The two of them are side x side on a Kuranda!

                              Go to this link and click "Bed Finder" on the right side of the screen. Select Great Dane and you'll see the two of them:
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