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We have to let Cassie go.

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  • We have to let Cassie go.

    She has been getting more and more aggressive. She has been on thyroid meds and her levels are good so that's not it. She attacked Annie twice last week. The first time she got me on the elbow while I was breaking it up. On Friday, she didn't get me but she nailed Annie pretty bad. I drug Annie into our bedroom and shut the door and put Cass in the sunroom. I went to check Annie over and there was blood coming from her little left eye, she had a gash on her right thigh and the 2 puncture wounds on her right shoulder from earlier in the week. I called her Vet and she wouldn't be back for about an hour but they told me to bring her right over. I washed her face and thigh and headed out. The Vet was already there. The conjunctiva was torn and she needed stitches in her thigh. I was really shook up and she spent the night at the Vet. Yesterday morning before I went to pick her up I asked if I could board Cassie until tomorrow, when Ed would be home from out of town. I took Cass and her meds, hot dogs to give them in, and a toy. Got her in a kennel and went to finish her instructions and all hell broke loose. We charged in there and 2 other gals came racing in from somewhere else and Cass was fence fighting trying to get at a smaller dog next door. The solid part of the runs is 4 feet tall. She was wild. They moved her to a run around the corner where there were no dogs visible. I brought Annie home and she was afraid. I guess she thought Cassie was here. Annie doesn't fight back 'cause she doesn't know what's happening or where it's going to come from. She knew who was doing it though. We can't rehome her where she would be the only dog as I feel she is a HUGE liability. If there are no dogs what would it be? A child? I feel terrible. And guilty. But we are going to have her put to sleep when we get off work. I just don't see any other options. We gave her at least 11 good months in her 7 years of life. Please say a prayer for Cassie.
    ~Patty~ I have the right to remain silent; I don't have the ability.

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    Oh Honey I'm so sorry..for you, Annie, Cassie and your DH.

    Poor Annie, I can't imagine what she's thinking while the fight is going on. But it's her that has to be protected.

    I would suspect Cassie may have another health problem like a brain tumor. Hold her and release her demons and you will be giving her the gift of peace.

    I'll be thinking of you, Ed and Cassie.


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      I'm so sorry. It is an awful situation, but let the fact that you gave Cassie such a good home for 11 months comfort you


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        Patty, you're making the right decision. Poor Annie has to be protected. You did what you could for Cassie. I know words are little comfort right now, so I will offer my prayers.
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          Oh Patty, I'm sorry that it has to come to this. It is a tough choice but under the most recent circumstances your final decision is the best. You gave Cassie a wonderful home and if there were any way to calm her demons you would have. Maybe Dee is right about possible tumor? I hope poor Annie heals quickly and her fears fade away. I hope your wounds arent too serious, Patty.

          I'll pray that Cassie has a peaceful transition.

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            I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds like an awful situation, and our thoughts are with you. I'll echo the others' comments...don't beat yourself up, you are doing the right thing.


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              I'm so sorry that you have to make this decision. but sometimes, it is the only RIGHT one to make. Cassie will be whole at the Bridge.


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                I'm proud of you for making the hardest but best decision for her. It is not easy at all, but rest in the fact that you have offered her the best life she could have had for the past 7 months.
                My thoughts are with you.


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                  i'm very sorry you have to go through this, you have done your part by trying and have given her a good home.

                  i'm thinking maybe a brain tumor also. as a child we had a cocker that all the sudden got mean and was biting, turns out a brain tumor.

                  i'll keep you in my thoughts, hang in there!

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                    Oh no Patty, I am so, so sorry. It's got to be the toughest decision for a pet owner, to decide when it truly is the time to 'let go'.

                    Coming to know you as I have via the years here on DOL, I know when you make decisions they are neither rash nor inappropriate. And I know you provide a wonderful home for your pets.

                    You gave Cassie one good year, a year where she was truly loved and her needs (and wants) were met. Some dogs live out their whole life and don't receive such loving attention.



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                      Oh Patty I'm so sorry.

                      Living with a dog who you can't trust is really difficult and stressful for all involved, including Cassie.

                      You gave her a great home, lots of love and will now set her free.

                      My thoughts will be with you all as you let her go.


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                        Thank you all for your compassion and understanding. I have to call and find out if Dr. Moriarty will be there or the other one. I want Dr. Moriarty so if she isn't there we will have to keep Cassie there until Wednesday. I have my grand-daughter tomorrow after work. Thanks again.
                        ~Patty~ I have the right to remain silent; I don't have the ability.


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                          If you need a shoulder, I think you have my number. If you don't let me know.


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                            I'm so sorry you are going thru this. Peace be with you and your family right now and know that it's the right and best desicion that you could make for everyones' safety.
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                              Patty I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you, Ed and Cassie.

                              Also sending healing thoughts to Annie.

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