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    So I was at my training class with my male dane when some random guy came up to me and said that he used to have 2 female danes. Awesome I love talking with fellow dane lovers! Wrong. He asks "how old is he?" "16 months" I said (my boy is average size for his age, 35" 125#). He replies" I used to have 2 females, 160 pounders." And that was it. First of all, I didn't ask what they weighed. Second, he is probably lying. Third if they really were that big what should I say, CONGRATULATIONS!? He basically come over to tell me his females are bigger than my male. Hate when people try to "one up" me. Just like the guy at the dog park the other day that went out of his way to come over to me to tell me his lab is as big as my dane. WOW! AWESOME!

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    There are plenty of them out there. I've had someone tell me their Rottweiler was 220#, someone tell me their lab was 180#, and someone tell me they had a Dane that was 300#. ::
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      I had a 207# rottie at the vet clinic where I worked. He died of obesity!!
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        Get used to it..there's always somebody's great aunt's brother-in-law's sister's husband's stepsister.. who had one 8 feet tall and weighed 280 pounds. Comes with the territory.



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          That must have been why he got the dogs in the first place, to compete :: .

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            yea no matter who i talk to has always seen one that was "this" big its pretty funny when a man 6'3 pointing to chest level saying his back came up to there and he stared me in the face. And why isn't he in the record books???? lol


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              lol yeah there's always some numb-nut out there that thinks Danes or other big dogs are something to use as a tool. and other people think a Cane Corso is a pitbull....sigh


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                Oh yes - we get that all the time too... our rescues are average sized males, and we constantly get the sisters brothers aunts cousin has a 250# dane. It use to irk me, now I just ignore it.


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                  Yep and that's why anytime someone asks me how much Elle Woods weighs I say "a little under 110... she's a very petite dane."

                  That usually helps them get the idea that I'm not interested in a competition. Chances are she's way prettier than their fat dane anyway
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