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  • A bed for the kids

    I am thinking of making a bed (pallet) for my two pups. BO has a habit of destroying one specific pillow in the house. This is why a I have learned to sew. My friends thought it was funny that a grown man was sewing. Anyway... I was thinking of making the be out of heavy canvas so it will stand up to chewing/digging. What do yall think? (yes, Texans do say yall) I am also debating stuffing the bed with cedar as opposed to the fuzzy white stuff. I figure that if one of them eats a little cedar it would pass better than the synthetic stuff. Your thoughts? Honey is still too young to do any significant damage to things. I just know that as she ages it will be "monkey see, monkey do."

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    We have plush beds throughout the house (hardwood floors) for them to lay on, but in their bedroom we invested in kuranda beds. They LOVE them and have held up to everything. Their customer service is GREAT, and the bed comes with a warranty.

    Our newest pup digs in it, uses it as a trampoline (*yes, he will run in from outside -the mudroom is their bedroom - and jump with all of his force onto the cot style bed. It is quite amusing).

    They are a little costly, but very much worth it.


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      Have you considered just buying a twin mattress? Maybe even a full size? Both of my Danes turn and dig and ours have held up very well.

      I don't know about the cedar. I don't think I would do that. I'm thinking 1.If it were a good idea they would make dogs beds out of cedar-no one does that that I know of.
      2.I would think there is a lot of chemicals in cedar. Assuming you mean buy bags of cedar used in yards?

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        When I used to actually buy "dog" beds, I know there were some that I got that would have like a handful of cedar shavings mixed in w/the stuffing to supposedly make it smell better. It didn't really work all that well, no different than the other beds that didn't have it. I don't know about dogs, but in rabbits cedar can cause renal problems.

        Now I either just use a full size mattress or baby bed. I also use a full size overstuffed comforter in the living room. I fold it over twice and she can dig all she wants with out causing any damage. Plus the whole thing can be tossed in the washer/dryer.

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          We use an old twin size mattress for Damage and Brin sleeps on an old long sofa cushion. They both have their own sofas in the living room altho Damage prefers to cuddle up to Brin on her sofa. Most of the time Damage sleeps with me. Brin used to until she clawed me in the back one night while she was chasing rabbits in her sleep. Hubbie has a breathing problem so he sleeps in a special chair in the bedroom and every once in a while Damage will crawl up into his lap, but now Damage is getting a little to big to be sleeping in daddy's lap. lmao
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            Many people will use futon mattresses, crib mattresses or the cushion from those papasan chairs.
            We bought Deuce a mammoth bed for in the house (he has a mammoth crate pad for in the car). He has a homemade (4x4 and 6 inches thick) bed that is going to be moved downstairs. We recently bought him his own double (6 inch thick) memory foam mattress which we are going to cut down and build a little bed frame for. Can you say spoiled? LOL. We are lucky that Deuce is good to his beds.
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