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Crates with killer design flaws

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  • Crates with killer design flaws

    Hi all. I just got this from a friend who is an English Mastiff rescuer, thought it might be of interest here.


    Got this link from another talk list I'm on.... thought it may help save a life if I passed it on......this particualr brand of crate has a design flaw... it seems to NOT have the long steel pins that slide through the side panles to keep them together, instead it has only short "hooks" that pivot the panel onto the cage.... and they come apart too easily and dogs are getting stuck and are dying when trying to get out of the crate, through the "unhooked" area. Be careful.... take a close look at the pics on this webpage.... they show what the problem is..... I can see where it is a very poor design..... and they have not pulled it off the market yet!
    Ok, thanks!
    your friend, Lana.....

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    Thanks for the link. I see, that there are a lot of different variants here. But it is a little complicated, as for me. Crates must be great and beautiful. As the dwelling for a man. That is why, I think, it is better to use anything like 3d house design for your one. And to try different variants with it.