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Opposition To SB1130 (Oklahoma)

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  • Opposition To SB1130 (Oklahoma)

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    Oklahoma SB1130 update - Voices are being heard in Oklahoma!!! Opposition to SB1130 hit our Oklahoma City News Nine last night. For those interested and going through the same ordeal in their state listed below is link to the video. Kelly Ogle, who does ďMy Two Cents" commentary did an excellent job! This bill was also discussed at length on KTOK 1000 a local talk radio. Please forgive me as I didn't get her name, but a past AKC Judge spoke and she definitely had her "ducks in a row" presenting the facts/failure of this ridiculous bill. Once again as a reminder this bill does nothing to help the over population of animals and only hurts the AKC Exhibitor/Show Breeders and Pure Breed Rescues/Animal Shelters by additional fees, and flooding rescues/shelters with more dogs which will be bred to cover the costs of licensing back yard breeders & puppy mills! Folks, this PETA exploit isnít unique to Oklahoma but numerous other states as well; also pending legislation is Texas and Virginia. These bills are well thought-out strategies & backdoor tactics. Please continue your opposition emails/phone calls. The official website (and email addresses for Oklahoma legislators) is

    Senator Helton's (author/introduction of the bill) email address is:

    A clip from RealPlayer -

    Okie regards....
    from the Sooner State, Frank & Brenda Young
    Royal Sooner Great Danes & Borzoi
    Okie regards.......
    from the Sooner State, Brenda
    Royal Sooner Great Danes & Borzoi
    Public Education Chair, Mid-Del-Tinker Kennel Club
    Membership Chair & Webmaster, Great Dane Club of Oklahoma
    Webmaster, Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas

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    RE: Opposition To SB1130 (Oklahoma)

    I am quite convinced that bills such as this are AIMED at hobby breeders of purebred dogs and cats. There is nothing in this proposal that would truly discourage other breeders, and I don't think there is any intent of doing so. PETA is intent on destroying the purebred dog breeders as they are a quite unified voice against PETA. PETA is very good at manipulating the media and also legislators into thinking that they have only the interests of animals as their motivation. It isn't lost on them that the major voice of opposition to their manipulation of society is the purebred dog fancy. If you are a breeder of dogs that are registered, shown in competition, and the product of carefully thought out breedings, you are the enemy of PETA. Why should this be so? It is because you have seen through their rhetoric and see them for what they are. PETA is nothing more than another group that hates society and is intent on doing whatever they can to disrupt it. Just what business is it of ANY government what and how pet animals are bred? Education, NOT regulation, is the ONLY solution that will really make a difference. Bills such as this get knocked down every time they are brought to the light of day and it is the ethical breeders that do it. Much the same with Breed Specific Laws too.

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