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  • Hello from Bosnia

    Hello from Bosnia! Some of you may recall my request for information about shipping a Dane from the US overseas. As it turned out I did not bring Bruno. He's keeping my husband safe in Virginia (safe from house mice and bugs that is).

    I met a Bosnian Deutsche Dogge (as they're known here) the other day. "Alex" seemed to know that I have a boy like him at home. He marched right up to me and leaned. His owner ran so quickly to my aid that I thought he'd surely slip and fall in the snow! Fortunatley no one was injured and I made two new friends in my new home away from home.

    I plan to visit a Hungarian kennel sometime soon during a business trip. Please let me know if any of you knows of Deutsche Dogge clubs in the Balkans (Bosnia i Herzegovina, Serbia and montenegro, Croatia, or Macedonia, or Romania).

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    RE: Hello from Bosnia

    Hello back. Don't know of any in those areas, but if you punch what you need into the internet search engine that should bring up a few options???


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      RE: Hello from Bosnia

      Not so far. I was hoping people with webpages would know of guestbook posts (others leaving their websites). I'm certain that if I keep searching Geocities I'll come up with something.



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        RE: Hello from Bosnia

        Did you check the breeder links here on DOL? They are arranged by color and each color has several Eastern European kennels listed.

        They might be able to give you the information you need.

        I remember several years ago a Dane exhibitor from what used to Yugoslavia, I think, posted here for a while, but I don't remember his name.

        When you do find the clubs you're looking for, we'd love to know how they do things. Please let us know.


        Edited to add: I met a couple in the park the other day. The wife ran up to us crying "Grande Danois? Grande Danois?". Turns out they were Cuban and never could find out why they were using the French name.