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Shipping senior great dane to Asia-- need advice

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  • Shipping senior great dane to Asia-- need advice

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a long time since my last posts.

    I accepted a job in Singapore (it's a tight job market, not many opportunities in the US, sadly) and am planning to ship my senior great dane Poppy (F, 8.5y/o) with me. My husband and I are quite determined to bring her back with us to Singapore.

    Background: I've had Poppy as a pup, and have had her every since. I don't have family here in the US, and as much as my friends love Poppy, none of them are able to care for her. Also, we don't think we could live with ourselves "abandoning" our girl to our friends.

    Three things that I'd really appreciate advice on:

    1) Does anyone have any advice on how to fly our girl home? We've received two quotes from reputable shipping companies, and they're both quoting ~$7k. We asked for an itemized list from one of them, and it turns out that the airfare itself is only $2k+.. the rest is.. paperwork and personnel costs. To me, that's a little crazy. I get they are providing a service, and we are absolutely willing to pay for this service, but the mark-up is hard to swallow. I'm wondering if anyone can provide advice on how my husband and I can process her international travel ourselves? If this is possible, we'd like to try.

    2) I'm frightful of that fact that my girl is 8.5 y/o. We lost our other great dane at the same age (not related), and so I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried about the traveling. Anyone, please chime in on whether I'm taking a huge risk bringing her back with me, and the cons outweigh the pros of flying her, and therefore, I'm just being stubborn wanting her home with me to Singapore.

    More info: Because of Covid, Poppy is allowed to quarantine in my in-law's home for 14 days. Us humans, however, have to quarantine in a randomized government facility for 3 weeks. That means we will be separated for her initial 3 weeks in a foreign country. I don't want to be dramatic, but I'm really worried this will be too much of a shock for a 8.5 y/o dane.

    Health wise, Poppy is great. She's always been up to date on all her shots, exercised and rested, plays like a puppy, etc. But over the past year, I've begun to see increasing cloudiness in first one, now both eyes; and within the last 6 months, she is taking longer to get up, move around, less treat motivated etc. It's like she's turned from puppy dog to old lady overnight.

    Am I doing the right thing by insisting I bring her home with me? And if so, any suggestions on how I can work out her trip home myself? HELP!


    my beautiful blue-eyed babe

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    No takers? e.g. how to build a custom crate?

    my beautiful blue-eyed babe