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Double merle runt

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  • Double merle runt

    My puppy was the runt of a merlexmerle breeding (apparently an accident). Regardless he is now almost 17 inches tall and 22lbs at 14 weeks old. He is deaf and since Ive had him for the last month hes had pneumonia, a horrible uti, and ecolitis. I did see the parents and a few siblings (which were all much larger than him) but I figured since Ive had Danes in the past and am always home Id be the best chance hed have to have one home. Hes very playful and happy (other than when he was sick). I do have insurance on him but do you think hell continue to have health problems throughout his life? Also do you think he will still be able to reach a normal Dane weight and height? His mom was 125lbs and about 32 and his father was 160lbs and 36.

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    it's a toss up but his chances of recurring issues are pretty significant because of his breeding. as for his growth, that's a genetic thing. he will get as big as his genetics allow and there's nothing you can do to change that.

    this breeder is obviously not a reputable one. accidental or not, there is no excuse good enough for it to happen. i hope you didn't pay much, if anything. doing so just lines the pockets of these backyard breeders and only encourages them to keep breeding dogs that should never reproduce.

    good luck with him and it's good you have insurance. i suspect you will be using it often.