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  • Book for Great Dane Lovers

    Hello Danes Online!

    Thank you for allowing me to join this community! My great dane girl just turned 1 year old in December and we have enjoyed learning from the information on these forums.

    I hope it is okay to promote a resource on this forum.

    I recently published a 23 page book on titled “The Very Best Dog Planner.” After becoming overwhelmed with trying to keep track of all the paperwork detailing my girl’s veterinarian Info., emergency contacts, groomer/vaccination appointments, food and feeding instructions, microchip number, pet insurance policy, walk schedule, house sitter notes, etc., I finally decided to create one convenient book where I could write everything down in case I needed to access her information quickly and conveniently. Much to my surprise, I began getting requests to print the book from other great dane owners! I wanted to let this awesome community know that I have made 50% of the pages free to preview on if you would like to take a look for your own dog at no cost.

    If you would like to order a print copy, it is also for sale for $9.87 US or $12.99 CAD.

    Personally, I have found the planner to be a lifesaver. It has saved me time/energy scrambling for phone numbers/addresses and given me peace of mind when I have had to leave my girl in the care of someone else.

    Just wanted to share this resource. Always happy to answer any questions. Happy holidays everyone!

    Jen & Luna

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