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    So what's going on now ? Have they white washed this whole damn place ? All the threads ? All the people ? All previous post ? I'm seeing this as only my third post out of hundreds made . All the useful info once here 'll gone now I suppose I know I had a bunch of pm's on here in regards to puppy training that you all who ever you are has blanked out of here well my old girl Lexi passed on Nov 6 th got a female brindle now about 3 months old and not a damn thing I can call up and refer to know in regards to training . I thought this change was suppose to be better I look at this place now and get sick to my stomach makes me want to vomit the way this place was ransacked I know there is some old heads here that call themselves the leader of this quagmire you ought to be the first to be ashamed of yourself for letting this turn into the shit forum you have let it become. I use to be reasonably respectable when I spoke now I look at what it was and what it is now and I'm totally disgusted .way to go and thanks for nothing . Imps !!

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    Looked on here now about ten guest on her and one member and thats myself why the hell has everything that was of use gone deleted now. Hell have I mentioned I got my new pup from a BYB that use to make the bushes rattle I bet the majority here could give a damn less now .



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      there are still a few veteran members who check in often or at least occasionally. most times, new members will post something, get maybe 1 or 2 responses and then just disappear. it's sad because this used to be such a rockin' place.

      i do hope you're kidding about the byb thing. sorry for the loss of lexi and congrats on your new pup. i'd tell you to post pictures but that's been a lost cause here for a long, long time! *sigh*


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        Well at least some veteran answered and I thank you for it. I was fishing for a response of any kind maybe I went a little to far with it but I thought if any veteran was here they wouldn't let that one slip. But I'm very serious as to what a disappointment this place is. They went to far and took out way to much. This place was an invaluable source of info I don't know of not one subject that had not been expressed here . You may not have liked the answer but at least you got one. If you didn't have thick skin this was not the place for you . Yes the byb is an untruth I'm sorry just digging for response and I also apologize for the language once again I was digging. Sometime you just got to push buttons. Than I s again for at least a response.


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          All of the old posts are in the files..It is pretty quiet here and has been .. people post and unfortunately many don't like the answers they get or don't hear what they want to hear.. Many people have left the forum and gone to our facebook group..
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            I feel your pain, Dickie! I used to love it here, but it's not what it used to be. They don't seem to mind much either, never fix anything. I think pictures worked right for 1/2 a day? Sorry about your girl but congrats on the new one.

            I can see my own posts by going up top to my own screenname (next to notifications and messages) and clicking "my recent posts" and then all of your posts are there. I think you can search those posts with keywords. Hope that helps! Godspeed, man.
            ~ Lisa & Rupert


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              Well thanks Sparrow I guess you've caught on to something I didn't I seen what looked to me like I had only made about three post . So I guessed that must have meant everybody's previous post had been deleted it wasn't so long ago I was on here and that was not a problem then .I've just been accused of just showing after a long hiatus and just dropped in to raise hell. So now after hearing this I at least know to do as you explained . That works well for me I can go and find 've comments from the ones that has a real clue as to what they was talking about instead of these dipwads that have become enamored with themselves and carry their feelings on there shoulders. It's a sad shame can't everybody be on the same page here anymore . You learn something about the workings of this website you are just left to yourself to do the best you can with what you've figured out from the sweat of your own brow. All the knowledgeable people that knew what they was talking about have just given up on this place with the exception of a few that think they have become Great Dane Gods but couldnt pour pee from their slippers if the instructions was stamped in the heel. Thanks again Sparrow and God speed to you also.