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    Hi, we have a maiden female and male, she is on day 13 of her heat, Male has tried mounting her for the past 3 days but will only mount her side or face. The female tries to get him to go to her behind but he doesn't. Can anyone give us advice?

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    Maiden dogs often need "help" in getting into the right position and getting the job done.. How old are the dogs? They should be at the very least 2 years of age..older is better. They also both must have had and passed health testing not just simple vet exams but real health testing.. OFA or PennHip on hips, OFA heart & Thyroid OFA/CERF on eyes, in addition they must meet breed standard. What is your goal in breeding? Is it to just produce a litter or is it to add something of value back to the breed... improve on health, temperament, longevity, conformation... I know you didn't ask for this info but it is very important and what makes for a responsible breeder.
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      i agree with everything kahluadanes posted. i would also ask you if your dogs came from health tested parents. there is so much more to breeding dogs than just putting a male and female together. do you already have homes lined up for future puppies from this breeding and are you prepared to offer lifetime support to your puppy buyers? that includes taking any puppy back that the buyers cannot keep for whatever reason, for the life of the dog. please do your research and also be prepared for any complications that may arise during whelping.


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        My advice is, don't breed your dogs. *boom goes the dynamite*
        ~ Lisa & Rupert


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          Originally posted by sparrow View Post
          my advice is, don't breed your dogs. *boom goes the dynamite*