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    I apologize if this topic has already been covered, and if so, if someone could please redirect me to that thread, Id appreciate it.

    I was curious about what everyone likes to use for collars/harnesses and/or elevated food/water bowls or beds (other than couches) for their giant breed babies. Or if there is a specific store or product designer you use? Im having a hard time finding giant breed accessories that are also customizable, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    if you have a dog that doesn't pull when on leash, i like just a plain ole martingale collar. they come in lots of pretty colors with matching leashes. there are other things you can use (no-pull harnesses, head collars like a halti) if you have a dog that's a puller but that is something that more and/or better training can help with. there are also prong collars but if you choose that style, be sure to have someone knowledgeable show you how to fit and use it.

    i had raised feeders built 11+ years ago when i got my first danes. there are tons of ideas and lots of people use wrought iron plant stands that are sturdy and quite decorative!

    you can also do a google image search for "raised dog bowls" and get tons of ideas.

    as you can probably guess, is my go-to for pretty much everything i need for my dogs. it's mostly free shipping, overnight delivery and if something doesn't meet your standards, is damaged when you get it, or you simply don't like it, their customer service is the absolute BEST you will find anywhere!!!

    the only thing i buy elsewhere is dog beds. i have 3 of these and my dogs absolutely LOVE them. i've had them for at least 4 or 5 years (maybe longer) and they are still like brand new. two of my 4 danes even prefer these beds to the couch. compared to others like them (i.e. "big barker"), they are very reasonably priced.

    and my 4th dane.

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      If using raised dishes make sure they aren't raised any higher then chest/elbow ..if raised to high they can increase the risk of bloat..As far as training aids (collars) you need to get one that is properly sized/fitted, properly put on and used properly.. If not they can cause injury and be ineffective.. I would also recommend you get your Dane into a good obedience class. I agree with Charlene...Chewy is a great place to shop for things.. I love them !! I had beds like the ones Charlene has in her pictures... lasted forever, finally wore out and I just replaced them with another bed from Chewy
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