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Looking for Dane picture!

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  • Looking for Dane picture!

    Hi all, I have been looking for a certain picture for a long time & hope someone here may have seen it or knows the name. I saw it years ago st a jcpennys store & should have gotten it then. It looks like an oil painting but it's not. The fawn Dane is out in a garden laying down with its legs in front & head up. I think there was a rabbit in the pic with dark green bushes. It had a tropical feel to me & also had an old look to me. Anyone seen something like this???
    Thanks all, Patty
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    No bunny but it made me think of what you were describing.
    ~ Lisa & Rupert


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      Thanks so much. The picture is very close in colors and style, but the Dane is turned with its front legs turned to you and his face would be looking at you.


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        I sure wish I purchased it when I first saw it. Back then it was a bit above my budget! Lol