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Sawdust to gather poop?

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  • Sawdust to gather poop?

    We recently brought a 4 year old Dane into our home. The first week he had wicked diahrea . We live in Maine and it's been so cold it pretty much froze instantly. Is there anything that I can use to put on it to help "form" it as it melts so I can clean it up? He's had a trip to the vet and is much better now.

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    I'm not sure how big the mess is that you have, but some other possibilities are clumping or clay cat litter, both of which would make things easier to clean up. It depends on the location, how much there is, and how you want to leave the area looking, however. I used clumping for diarrhea for my mini Dachshund when she was sick in December. I used it in place of her pee pads and she did great, and it cleaned up well. I will say that was in the house most of the time and the little bit we used outside did go okay. We've thawed quite a bit here in Wisconsin.

    Just a thought.

    Best of luck to you!
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      Hi, welcome I'm also from Maine.... I will tell you that it will disappear in to the soil pretty quickly so you really shouldn't have to worry about the diarrhea outside when our mountain of snow melts.
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