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    Here are a few...I've stopped sharing them because my FB friends are probably a little sick of me by now! Enjoy! I think she's gained several pounds this week and we certainly aren't overfeeding her, but you can see the differences between the baby basket pics (her "baby pics") and the one from tonight where she's cuddled up on her side on the couch. She's definitely bigger, just in a week. I'm fascinated by the changes! Our vet wants her in weekly just for a quick weigh-in (no charge, of course) to make sure she's not gaining too fast. We'll see on Monday!

    Oceans Four
    Dani SassyPants-11-year-old Mini Dachshund (aka the Mastermind)
    Neo-Great Dane- born January 10th, 2019 (in training to be the Second Story Girl)
    Mayhem-3-year-old Weimaraner/Great Dane mix (aka the Muscle)
    Charlie-10-year-old Ratshire Terrier (aka the Lookout)
    1 untrainable husband who helps herd Oceans Four


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      love love love!!!! she IS growing fast! your vet sounds great. i take all of mine in for weigh ins occasionally just so i can keep track. jorah was 150# and very thin when i got him. he is up to 178# now and that's where he should be. he is raw fed and i weigh portions at every meal. it's so easy to overfeed these guys when they eat like it's their last meal. LOL