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  • Water bowl issue

    Hello! Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. We have a new Dane that we rescued. Weve had two other Danes in the past, so not new to the breed. Onyx - our new dog when he drinks he gets so much slobber into the water that its almost as if hes exchanging the water he drinks with slobber. Its really rather gross. I change the water after literally every drink because the bowl is left with slimy slobber. I did not experience this with my other two. Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong do you think? Or is this just a variation of normal? One of my previous Danes was a very careful drinker and hardly got a drop anywhere and the other one practically stuck her whole face in and splashed water all over. But no slobber. So has anyone had this?
    Thank you!!

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    Sounds like my girl Normal....some Danes are more slobbery than others..some have more lip .I agree it is gross LOL I add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the water to help cut slime. (not sure if it really helps or not though)
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