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Magnetic dog coat ? Yes or no?

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  • Magnetic dog coat ? Yes or no?

    Have you used a magnetic dog coat and what did you think of it?
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    I haven't used a magnetic dog coat, I've used magnet therapy in horses when I had them and saw some results from it. For aches and pains in dogs I've used the back on track products with great success to help get them mobile and moving around again.


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      I heard about the different uses of magnets in the areas connected to the business and not only. For instance, specific companies like use electromagnetic lifting as one of the efficient methods of delivery. Also, cargo wagons can be delivered with the help of magnets. People use them in ordinary life. So why not to get magnet coat assistance for the dog? It will not be too harmful, but the use can be great.
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        It really depends on the dog and the aches and pains you are trying to use it for. Its hard to know I guess as you can't ask your dog if they are more comfortable. If you can afford it then I would suggest trying it out, but if its too expensive then just go with other traditional methods of pain relief.

        Have you had any of your friends use it? You can ask your vet if they have had anyone use one and also what they think. Perhaps you could provide us some feedback if you do get it on whether you think it does work.