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    Wanting tips for a long trip with a Dane. This summer I will be taking my then 17 month old Dane with me on his first vacation. It is a 10 hour drive but will be making frequent stops so will probably take about 12-13 hours. With 4 young kids (under the age of 7) and him we will be stopping a lot for potty breaks and leg stretching. Does anyone have any tips for taking a long trip with a big dog? He rides great and usually lays down and sleeps or watches out the window. What should I pack for him or do I need to pack anything in particular. It will be a week long stay in a beach house. Have you found an easy way to pack food? He will need about 15 lbs of food while down there. I usually buy a big bag and keep it in a large air tight food container at home but don't want to bring the big container of vacation due to packing space. Should I just bring a 15 lb bag or should I buy a smaller travel sized food container to put it in to avoid rips in the bag. I plan on ordering a special tag with our vacation house address on it just in case he would get loose. It is a small island community with no on island vet so scanning for his microchip wouldn't work if he is lost. We will be doing some trail walking one day so I want to get him a pack to carry his water and some toys in and his longer leash for play. Any suggestions on a type of backpack/saddle bag? This trip is still 5 months away but I want to make sure we are well prepared and I want him to get use to wearing a bag which is why I am making this post so early.

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    Wow, congratulations to you and your Dane! I think, it will be great! Will 5 months year trip be OK for it? Also you can visit this to know more about the places you are going for your trip. I think, it will include a lot of interesting points and places for traveling.
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      sounds like an awesome and fun trip!! one thing that comes to mind is water. if you have room, take as much water from home as you can. if that isn't possible, i would buy bottled water wherever you stop for potty/drink breaks. even the roadside rest stops have vending machines where you can get bottled water. "strange" water from taps can sometimes cause tummy upsets. once you reach your destination, i'd mix bottled water with the home tap water for a couple of days before you give it all straight from the tap.