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Waving wildly from Phineas! (Update)

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    Snow White Phin. I believe you are working miracles with this big man. So happy for the update, keep on trucking, Phinster!
    ~ Lisa & Rupert


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      Originally posted by Sparrow View Post
      Snow White Phin. I believe you are working miracles with this big man. So happy for the update, keep on trucking, Phinster!
      Awww He has become quite snow white! We are looking so forward to his 8th birthday in April. While I try not to think too far ahead, I can't help but to remember that I never thought we'd even get this far. Being able to even have his 8th birthday in our sights, is just amazing.

      I'm not working miracles, we are just blessed we are able to give him the drug that is keeping his heart from progressing more swiftly. He just isn't ready to give up yet. We are struggling with his spine injury more and more each day. His mobility issues have never really improved, but instead plateaued for the last year or so. The muscle waste in his rear end from being unable to be really mobile, is taking it's toll. Phineas and I are going to venture up to our regular vets off this month and see if he has any ideas on what to do. Normally, we'd just have the discussion without moving Phin in the car, but he has some weird lumps and bumps that need a looksie by our vet. There isn't really much left to do, but we will put our heads together and see if we can improve his mobility, even just a little. He is still on the steroid and pain meds, going on 2.5 years at this point. Those will never change, but I'm hoping we can add something to the mix that might bring him a bit more physical comfort.

      Thanks for checking on Phin and following his updates. xoxo Happy New Year! Hope you and yours are well!
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        Thank you for sharing all of your details. Our baby Loki was diagnosed with DCM in October at 19 months when he went in for his neuter. They found an arrhythmia and then looked for and found the DCM. This was all just a little over two months ago. Since then we ran the 24 hour Holter test. He had just over 200 Arrhythmias, but he had three pairs, so he has started on a beta-blocker (Sotalol). Like Phin, he is asymptomatic, and we have no idea when that will change. I too held out hope for the taurine test since he had been grain-free his entire life and eating food with the suspected culprits... but it came back normal. We take each day as it comes, but it is heartbreaking to know where this all leads. Here’s hoping they both beat the odds for a long time!
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