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  • Too clever by half!

    I keep Harley's liquid Ivermectin in the refrigerator. The Vet's instructions were to keep it away from light and to keep it cool. He provided enough for a 30 day treatment for Harley's issue with mange. Btw, he's improving nicely. Yesterday, I made myself a ham sandwich on rye and when I put the mustard back in the refrigerator, I spied Harley's medicine and realized that I hadn't dosed him yet for the day. I placed my sandwich on my computer desk (egregious error on my part) and called Harley into the kitchen to administer his meds. I just use a calibrated syringe without a needle to squirt it in the back of his throat. It must taste bloody awful because over the last week, he's becoming a bit resistive to the entire process.
    I did manage to administer the proper dose, then I returned the meds to the refrigerator. While doing so, I took a moment to rearrange a couple of items. When I turned around, there was a nice little spot of liquid on the floor where Harley had been standing. The rascal had spit his medicine out. I cleaned up the wet spot, then returned to the den while silently deciding that from now on I would add the medicine to his food as he's a really good eater and always cleans his bowl.
    I was greeted by the sight of a totally empty plate where my ham on rye had once dwelt. Harley was quietly reposing on his lounging pad with the most totally angelic look imaginable on his face.. A seasoned FBI agent would have bought his act. Not only did he spit his meds out, he ate my sandwich too, then managed to adopt the best air of total innocence that I've ever seen. What next, he'll learn to open the refrigerator and help himself to the adult brewed beverages that I rely on to replenish my badly depleted electrolytes after mowing in the southeast Texas heat? I wonder if anyone sells lock kits for refrigerators?
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    Originally posted by Texas Don View Post
    then managed to adopt the best air of total innocence that I've ever seen.
    welcome to the wonderful world of danes!!! bwahahaha



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      Aye! They are absolutely the most wonderful pets that I could have ever imagined. Harley and Buster are the center of my life and justifiably so. We go from one zany moment to the next, never having any idea what to expect other than it will be fun and filled with love from this Dane named Harley. He's actually prodded Buster out of a great deal of his aloofness and now I have two great guys vying for my attention. It's difficult to put into words without sounding like a total sap but Harley has had the most pronounced effect on my life possible. I freely admit that after being my late wife's primary caregiver through 11 years of one hell of a fight with breast cancer, I was pretty well depleted. A goofy, gangly, unbelievably delightful pup named Harley has pretty much totally redeemed me. I hope that I haven't abused this forum by posting about his escapades. Believe me, there's much, much more that I edit out so as not to wear out my welcome.
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        I love reading your posts about Harley. They bring a smile to my face and make me laugh as well.