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  • And the fun continues!

    Today's episode of Bringing Up Harley got off to a rousing start. My Chiweenie, Buster, has a favorite spot to perch upon and it's on the top of my leather recliner in the den. He can keep a keen eye on the outside from there as he's entirely too short to see out of one of the windows when he's at floor level. Harley decided that since the seat was unoccupied, that should be his new favorite spot. When he leaped into the chair, his not inconsiderable weight landed against the back with enough force to cause the chair to fully recline and the footrest to deploy into the upright position. When that happened, poor Buster had to struggle to maintain his footing.

    Harley became so startled by the event that he bounced on the footrest and sort of jumped/fell off. Again, his not inconsiderable weight on the footrest caused the chair to just as suddenly return to the full upright and locked position. This action served to launch poor Buster into the air with considerable force. Luckily he only flew as far as Harley's giant floor pillow several feet in front of the chair. I wouldn't have been surprised to find that he was sighted over downtown Omaha. Danes are truly the best.
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    They sure do keep us entertained
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      Those images - too much!!!
      -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)