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Maturity, experience and treachery will win out every time.

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  • Maturity, experience and treachery will win out every time.

    It will win out over youth, exuberance and naivety I should have said. It's a riot to see my Chiweenie Buster antagonize Harley. It's all in fun but he's entirely too good at it. When the boys have their cow leg bone treat every morning, Harley finishes his off in short order. Buster, on the other hand, has learned to make his last for awhile. He will always carry it to his favorite spot; beneath the leather recliner in the den. He knows that Harley can't even get his nose under there. So, Buster will chomp, gnaw, belch and pause for effect while Harley suffers. At some point, it's a given that Harley will lay on his side so that he can make eye contact with Buster, then he 'splains' why he should share his bone. Usually in the most pitiful sounding prose imaginable. Buster just casually ignores him until his bone is completely finished, then he will knock it out from beneath the chair so that Harley can have a front row seat to exactly what he missed. Believe it or not, they're becoming best buddies all the while.

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    That's hysterical! Our previous Aussie mix (Jolie) used to mess with our previous female Dane (Kahuna), all the time. If Kahuna had a toy Jolie wanted, Jolie would pick up another toy and pretend to have the time of her life! She would leap into the air tossing the toy and catching it, prancing proudly around the room with her "prize." Then Kahuna would abandon the toy Jolie really wanted to take the new "treasure" and Jolie would get the toy she wanted all along. Brains over brawn, lol!!!
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)


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      For entertainment value, Danes are off the charts. Their interactions with other dogs are priceless. Thanks for sharing your Jolie story.