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  • Sanitation issues

    When I adopted Harley, I stopped by the local big box pet store and purchased a few necessary items on the way home. One of those items was a tool, generally referred to as a pooper scooper. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a US Marine entrenching tool. Think medium size shovel. I already regret not opting for the homeowner size, diesel powered, tracked backhoe instead. Prior to fencing my back yard, I mowed once a week on average. Now even a mundane chore, such as cleaning up after the boys, has caused me to change my mowing schedule. I need to mow my back yard twice weekly in order to see Buster's dainty offerings. Harley's piles on the other hand can easily be seen from low earth orbit without the need for a telescope. I have no doubt that they would show up on a Google Earth view of my home.
    I have heavy clay soil and this area receives approximately 50 inches of annual rainfall, so any sort of in-ground composter is out of the question. It would be flooded and overwhelmed in short order. After some research, I found a product that attaches to the clean out connection on my aerobic septic system. With this product, I simply dump the waste into the funnel shaped top, then flush it directly into my septic with water. It seems like a great solution to the disposal issue. Now, I'm off to the gym to begin my weight lifting regimen to gain some seriously needed muscle mass so that I can lift Harley's 'offerings' up to the funnel opening.
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    LOL I have a septic system like that too. Hope putting the poop in it doesn't cause any problems. Don't see why it would but you never know.


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      Thanks for your comment CarolB. Actually, I checked with my septic system contractor and he okayed the fixture. I'm required to have a service that checks for proper operation as well as submit a water sample to the local health department, 4X annually. His summation was that it's all the same stuff essentially so it will process through my system just fine.


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        "From low earth orbit without the need for a telescope" - so true!!!
        -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)