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My mop-Harley's new favorite toy!

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  • My mop-Harley's new favorite toy!

    I probably don't have the cleanest kitchen floor in America but I'm in the running. Each and every time Harley drinks, and that's very often, the floor around his water bowl looks exactly as it might if someone had just turned a hose loose on it. So, I mop. Several times each day as a matter of fact. I noticed Harley eyeing the mop this morning with that certain impish gleam in his eyes. Suddenly he pounced. Not a cat like pounce mind you, but a Great Dane puppy pounce. He landed about a foot or so away from the mop head with his butt in the air and his head on the floor, between his paws. His tail was swishing rapidly back and forth. I think that thing should be classified as a weapon of mass destruction all on it's own.

    He then let out a bark, a real, honest-to-goodness Great Dane bark in his big boy voice. The kind of bark that causes the curtains two rooms away to sway violently in the ensuing breeze. I couldn't resist the temptation and I charged at him with the mop flying back and forth across the floor in a small circle. Have you ever seen a Dane swap ends in his own length? He put my zero turn mower to shame. Then, he tried mightily to tuck butt and flee on my wood floors. Lots of activity but no real traction. Finally, he leaped a good 10 feet, then swapped ends again and charged the mop head. We repeated this game until I waved the white flag though most of the time I was laughing so hard that I could barely stand. There is no tiring him out it seems. Now, each time I approach the pantry, Harley goes on full alert as he's well aware that this is where I keep his new favorite toy. He's an endless source of fun, excitement and love. Buster thinks we've both lost our minds.
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