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  • Dog Speak-Anyone?

    Now Mr. Personality has decided that 'speaking' with me may induce me to step a bit livelier when I'm preparing his food. I feed Harley twice daily and I feed him a combination of cooked boned chicken, liver, beef, peas and carrots along with a high quality dry food. He loves it. although the way this boy eats, cast iron nuggets may be just as pleasing to him. The entire time I'm preparing his food, he 'talks' to me. I warm his food in the microwave for 30 seconds, prior to adding the dry food to it. During this time, he literally will roll over on his back in front of me, thereby pinning my feet to the floor with his body and then really chat me up good and proper. Buster, on the other hand, just waits stoically by his dining spot. While Harley is eating, I dump the water bowl and wash it. This is a twice daily routine as I prefer to drink clean water too. Believe it or not, not all Texans have drunk muddy water from a hoof print.

    Almost as if he plans it, Harley finishes his food exactly as I deliver the bowl of fresh water to the floor. He never fails to thank me because my head is at the perfect level for a face wash, and he joyfully administers one. I do love this boy.

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    They have so much personality
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      Perfect routine! My girl was so polite that she'd merely raise her eyebrows and look a bit anxious if dinner was late, but she'd always thank me afterwards by walking up to my face and issuing a small burp.
      Missing Mira (7/15/03-12/17/13)


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        I can easily tell from your comments that you do indeed miss Mira deeply. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that only the very best memories of her are retained by you. I hope too, that your future includes another Dane. They're absolutely the very best.