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Slides while sitting on non-carpeted floor

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  • Slides while sitting on non-carpeted floor

    Adopted Sampson about a month ago. Five-year old owner surrender - neutered three weeks ago, was kept outside on a short tie-out 24/7, 20 pounds underweight and heart worm positive but starting to feel like part of the family.

    One thing we noticed is that whenever he sits on a non-carpeted surface his front legs start to slide out from under him. He tries to stay seated but without any luck. No problems on area rugs. Our Dane/Boxer mix, Zoe has never had this problem and she is only 10 pounds lighter.

    Didnt know if this is common or if anyone has any idea what is going on or what we can do


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    It's common. They can't get their footing on a slick floor sometimes. Rugs are better for them.


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      Finn has trouble keeping his back end in place on hardwood floors, so he'll try to back up into a wall or furniture before sitting.
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        Same story with my recently adopted adult Dane. I bought several runner rugs from and placed them all over the house. I used a product purchased on Amazon called Rug Gripper with Nevercurl to keep the rugs in place. Everyone stays safer now including me!


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          Sliding on non carpeted surfaces is a common issue and isn't just limited to Danes.
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            In addition to carpet runners, moisturizing the paw pads can help. I used to use hand lotion, because Mira didn't lick it, but products like paw wax are made for this.
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              None of my danes even liked to sit much. Mouse never sits, except all silly and crooked up on the couch sometimes. When we are dispensing treats, the two herders offer sits so pretty, and Mouse bows down like a gentleman.
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