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    Originally posted by Kumah View Post

    The signature pic was the picture that was under someone's post, anytime they created or replied to a thread (as long as they'd added one). I finally found where to edit the siggy pic, but it didn't allow me to add a picture. I tried, but it kept saying my photo wasn't valid
    Oh I see that's one thing I did try to do on old forum and could not do it. That little girl in my pic is 7 years old now.


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      I agree that the new forum is not user friendly... it's as if the admins/creators hadn't used the forum and were not familiar with some of the most popular and most used features because most of those are gone. I find that I don't want to check the forum or much less respond most of the time because I don't know how to see what I want to see or do what I want to do... I'm pleased with the updated "look" but functionality has taken a hit.

      Sara-- Moose's Mom


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        Agree with everything. I hate to sound like I'm piling on, but I'm piling on. If it takes half as long to fix the forum as it did to get a new site up and running I don't think I can last that long. I know I sound so ingrateful but I hardly ever visited the old DOL site so I didn't even care about the update, I ONLY used the forum and now it is jacked up to all hell so why continue? It just makes me sad mostly.
        ~ Lisa & Rupert


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          To get new posts, I've been going to the Latest Topics part and clicking "View All". Then change the Sort By dropdown from "Date - started post" to "Date - last update".

          On my laptop Latest Topics is on the right hand side of the home screen, on my phone it is all the way at the bottom.