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How do you know when you're ready for a new dog?

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  • How do you know when you're ready for a new dog?

    I lost my beautiful friend, Sophie, a month ago. Her death was very sudden and unexpected. At almost 10 years old, she was still healthy and acted like a much younger dog with no apparent signs of age beyond the addition of some white hair to her face and muzzle. We had had a great day, enjoying a warm winter day with lots of sunshine, spending several hours outside. Her death left me devastated and even now I cry as I write this. I miss her presence in my life, from the greetings that I was guaranteed when I came home from work to her excitement to go for a walk, or a ride, or a visit to the farm.
    I will get a new dog eventually, but what I'm wondering is, how do you know when you're ready? That the new dog isn't just to fill in the gap that the previous one left?

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    I'm so very sorry for your loss. I think it is different for everyone. We lost our female Aussie mix, Jolie, at age 13 and then one year later lost our female Dane, Kahuna. The house had already felt more empty for a long while with Jolie gone. I said we wouldn't get another dog for a while, but our place was just too quiet and lonely for me when I was home studying and my family was out and about. I started looking at pics of Danes in rescue, and found my study partner Zoomer about a month later.
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)


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      Lost my boy Hannibal November 2015 at 12 years of age due to stomach torsion and the family was devasted. The house was just not the same. We dont do guns so having another dog in this house and soon was a priority. Both my wife and I work some crazy hours and the thought of our girls coming home from school to an empty house wasnt going to happen. Danes are a great deterrent and we just feel so much more comfortable haveing a big goofy pup guarding the front door. It was about 10 months from the time hannibal passed till xerxes was picked up from the airport.
      Xerxes Knight GD (April 29 2016 - present)
      Hannibal Knight GD (July 15 2003 - Nov 5 2015)


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        When I lost my childhood dog when I was 17 I was in ruins. For a couple of months I never went to sleep without tears in my eyes. Everywhere I looked, something reminded me of Bear, I just cried all the time. He was my best friend, and my bond with him was like no other. I got Kumah a little over 2 years later. I guess for me, I knew I was ready when I could think of Bear and not tear up. I found things to memorialize him with. There is a song that reminds me of him, and I even use his collar on Kumah. Kumah is actually named after Bear as well, so I feel like he's still kind of, with me. ❤
        ~Kelsey, mom to~
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          In my opinion, you're ready when you ask when you will be ready Each new dog of course fills in the gap left by the passing of another, but it doesn't make the bond with the new dog any less unique and special.
          Mouse April 2010
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            Thanks to everyone for your responses. I think I'm at least ready to consider a new dog even if I'm not ready to start actively looking for one. It's been a big change to be without Sophie but I know it will also be a big change to bring a new one home.