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    Dr. Hennessy at Chesapeake Veterinary Clinic in Chesapeake, Ohio. It is a 5 minute drive and right across the Ohio River. The number is 740-867-5534. My friend with two GDs there recommended Dr. Hennessy to me, as that is where they have been taking their dogs for years. He is amazing and has a wonderful staff. He is up-to-date on current research. He does his own pathology, and when he found out I was in medicine, he invited me to look at the path (which made me feel very comfortable). He is a first class doctor. He's not in a big fancy office in Huntington, and so I am very very glad I found him (I wouldn't have looked in Chesapeake)!!


    Club Pet in Barborsville, WV is where you need to go for boarding. Their number is 304-733-1963. It's inexpensive but incredible! $15/d gets your buddy a mega indoor/outdoor room. $20/d gets your buddy that + exercise time in a huge fenced in area. We did our training there with a lady named Sally, who is wonderful. She trains police dogs and rescues. Whenever we pull up there, my guy gets soooooo excited!! They also have a grooming staff, but I do my own grooming so I can't comment. Training is one of my favorite things to do in Huntington. When I was on crutches, after training I would let Macho run around in the play area. He considers this place part of his home.

    Hope that helps!!
    <, and Stef
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