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  • Animal Medical Center in Morgantown

    Animal Medical Center in Morgantown, WV took care of my danes during the 7 years I lived in WV. So, I'm sure they learned alot from my dogs. They were professional and generally went the extra mile to make me happy.
    They don't crop ears. I had my last pup cropped at Middletown Vet in Fairmont. The crop was alot shorter than I wanted; I was mistakenly told they could do the crop I wanted (@#$@%@#)....
    I wouldn't use Animal Medical Center for boarding danes...the kennels are to small 4 feet wide. Your dog will end up injuring the tail. The best place for boarding was Mountaineer Pet Center. The Large suites are pricey but worth it. They take great care of your dog.
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    Dante and Louis